Please fix error in Alliance Campaign - Chapter One & Two

There is a continuity error in the first mission of the TFT Alliance Campaign that has always bugged me. Please fix it in Reforged.

Kael’thas and his warriors arrive at Garithos’ base camp.

Grand Marshal Garithos: You are late, Prince Kael’thas. I thought you elves prided yourselves on punctuality.

Prince Kael’thas: It could not be helped, Lord Garithos. We ran into a group of night elves from across the sea, and –

Grand Marshal Garithos: I am not interested in your fanciful excuses! You elves are here to serve the Alliance: thus, you will obey my commands to the letter! Is that clear?

Prince Kael’thas: Yes, Lord Garithos.

Grand Marshal Garithos: Now, the undead have begun a new offensive to retake Dalaran. Their primary strike force marched south through Silverpine, but we managed to halt its advance at the base of the mountains.

Prince Kael’thas: My men are ready to fight, milord! When shall we leave for the front?

Grand Marshal Garithos: We will be leaving immediately. But, your people will be staying here. Our scouts report that a second strike force may be heading this way from the east. I need you to repair the outlying observatories so that we can monitor that region.

Prince Kael’thas: But, milord, we are warriors, not–

Grand Marshal Garithos: You have your orders, Prince Kael’thas. I trust your elven ears heard them clearly enough. Move out!

Garithos and his soldiers leave.

Prince Kael’thas: Insolent son of a… Let’s get this over with!

Please note that the forces faced by Kael are said to be from the east and the forces faced by Garithos are said to be from the west (south through Silverpine is west of Dalaran).

However, as soon as the mission starts, Kael starts moving west and later the attack comes from the west (despite being reported as coming from the east). Garithos also moves in the opposite direction stated and goes east. According to dialogue, Kael should be going east and Garithos should be going west.

Considering the lore/geography, it is the dialogue that appears correct and the map itself needs to be flipped in terms of game mechanics. This is because west of Dalaran is more approachable by land that large armies can march over which is why the main undead forces are coming from that direction. And east of Dalaran are the mountains of Alterac which explains why the second smaller strike force is island hopping through Lordamere Lake instead of trying to approach by land.

Please fix this error by ensuring that the map is flipped mirror-style with the player starting in the western corner and moving east, Garithos leaving in the western direction, and of course, the undead scourge in mission 2 attacking from the east. This way the dialogue will reflect what actually happens in the mission and the map will match the lore geography.

Map for reference:


That actually makes sense, I never realised that this was the case until i went back and replayed the mission. Nice awareness!


This is totally true! I never got it into my mind that the in-game maps are wrong! I do remember the dialogue but this… Oh my! This is huge! I wonder if Blizzard have noticed it!


I suspect one is meant to be playing from south (top) to north (bottom). In most RTS games there is usually a compass to help with this. A simple solution would be to add a tip explaining that east is to the left on the map.

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I came here expecting dialogue changes or something to be more PC/less PC/trollfest.

But I have to say, good job finding this inconsistency.

You get a like


Yeah, I noticed that the fixed the geography of Stratholme in the demo mission so I am hoping they amend the other missions as well to match the geography of the game world they built.

Obviously, game mechanics will take some liberties when making the missions and the game world in wow isn’t perfectly to scale, but switching east and west seems like too much man!

Oh yeah that reminds me, Garithos is right about everything and Blizzard forgot to add Kael cackling while rubbing a demon ring and muttering about his precious.

Plz fix.

(Jk if it needs to be said, lol. Thanks.)

Sorry, forgot to reply earlier.

The consensus is that maps* should always be structured with north pointing up and really an RTS is a game played on a big map so “up” should really match to north. It’s not the same as in games like Witcher or GTA where you may prefer your mini-map to rotate instead of your character pointer.

So I don’t really agree that it’s a good solution just telling the player that what is normally east is now west and vice versa.

I noticed that they fixed the Stratholme map in the demo mission and I am really hoping they have done the same across all missions in the campaign.

The one I have noted certainly isn’t the only one, but it’s the only one I am aware of that specifically conflicts with the dialogue and not merely not matching the WoW geography that came out later.