Please Blizzard, I beg of you!

Please do this remaster right. Please don’t just slap an hd texture pack on it and call it a day. Please don’t pull a Bethesda. I beg of you, you are the last AAA developer that I haven’t been let down by. I believe in you!

edit: Welp, watched some gameplay and in 5 minutes I could already tell this is mostly a graphics update. sigh…

Starcraft: Remastered was already that. They’re not changing the gameplay at all (but are going in and cleaning up code, is what I’ve heard) while other changes include: A Reforged variant of the campaign in both geography for maps and more fleshed out writing with characters getting more dialogue from their current VAs. Not to mention the impending BattleNet connectivity for social features and functions. Plus they want to fix the hosting problems (which I think is on PTR right now?).

While they’re not JUST updating graphics, updated graphics means multiple things: better models, better animations, 4K support, new spell effects, etc.

They’re also integrating with Battlenet, meaning it’ll be on the launcher and possibly be compatible with Battlenet friends list.

There are going to be a lot of bug fixes and updates for modern computers to make things run more smoothly, as well as changes to map hosting, channels, etc.

The WorldEditor is going to be updated and expanded upon.

And they even said there’s a chance that, if things are really well received, they’ll add additional content in the future such as custom maps or even campaigns.


Diablo players would like a word with you…

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Blizzard are the last AAA developer that hasn’t let you down? I guess you never saw the Diablo Immortal announcement then…

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Gj on that King Omer

Yes they are great, they will fulfill our dreams.

I really dont understand why people complain so much like hundreds of them, and then 2-3 enlighten reasonable,mature people come and beat their childish critics in 1 post .

This prooves Reforged is ona good way. No need to worry, embrace it, trust me you will love it guys, and you will play it alot. Cheers & Peace

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I assure you, it’s not just a remaster.

Take a look here: [Compilation] ALL we know so far!

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Honestly the biggest thing to me is implementing better hotkeys and shortcuts. I think SC2 did a great job with that. Today, its intuitive and easy to use. I was playing Frozen Throne a couple weeks ago and that was what hit me the hardest, lack of intuitive keys on icons and the lack of army control. But I am glad to hear about it nonetheless. I just hope they don’t expect us to pay $60 or something haha.

edit: Without editing game files and stuff. Also I don’t play diablo so I don’t know the reference.

$30 USD for the standard, something like $37 USD for Spoils of War edition?

I don’t know I use maple syrup money.

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