Please add Worgen and Draenei unit models


I understand they were not part of the original game, well broken one Draenei were, but please add in current WoW Worgen and Space Goat Draenei units for RPG map purposes. Archimonde is shipping up very nicely, having a non-hero version of him would be proper for the male.

They don’t have to be in the base game, future content releases at the least or purchasable DLC packs if need be.


i am sure they will not make new models just for editor they already done a big work making all the models of the original WC3 .

but maybe in the future if the game succes they will add new dlc with new campaign and maybe races so if they do we can expect new models .


Draenai are barely present in the story and Worgen entirely absent.
Adding more Tauren, Troll and High/Blood Elf models however helps flesh out the campaign more.
Various creeps got female versions added now but I’d like to see more ladies sprinkled into our regular forces.
There are exactly 0 female orc/troll/tauren models in Wc3. We could really do with some of those in just the campaign if need be.
Naturally this goes for the humans too with for example 0 female dwarves.

Night Elves don’t need any models of opposite sexes because the women are sentinels and the men are druids. Their sex segregated castes are part of their lore and WoW only allows you to break those conventions for gameplay reasons.

Most undead you can’t tell and it doesn’t matter.
Besides, male banshees would be kinda weird.
Maybe some lady acolytes though and a lady dreadlord. Lady DK is already confirmed.


If the rumors are correct and we get access to the same model editor Blizzard uses in the making of their models, then the community will most likely make their own Worgen and Draenei.

There would most certainly be model alterations available for those who don’t like the current look of what we’ve seen.


I am going to spam with it again …

I wonder if classic warcraft can support something like coop commanders from SC2.

I would definitely pay them, play them and there is tons of possibilities to add, from naga, fel orcs all the way to stuff like demons or even new-ish WoW races …


it is possible to do and i have a map that confirms that but, i do not know if blizzard wants it.


There are Broken Ones in WC3, how about a female version of them then?

I see they also changed the Succubus model entirely, no longer are the arms and wings as one limb stabbing you with their big nail.


Nah they’ve always had daggers and there was a gap in the arms and wings but yes… the old WC3 succubus model was kind of… lacking in charm. I think the new ones are a vast improvement.
I like that some of them have whips but some still have the classic WC3 daggers.


Man Why does everyone keep wanting some dlc packs
Please stop they are annoying cancer to the gaming world


Because more content allows more options in custom maps.

Why wouldn’t you want more content? If you don’t want it, you don’t have to buy it.


There’s a difference between: A) releasing a game with 50% content and then releasing the content, that should have been in the game in the first place, in a paid DLC. And B) releasing a decent game with a heck load of content and then releasing extra content in DLC’s.


Then don’t buy it and keep playing WC3 Frozen Throne?

A lot of people (me included) want to see new layer of content on top of Frozen Throne.

We all played the Frozen Throne, I’m bored of it, that’s why I’m not playing it… it’s not because the graphics is outdated.

Lots of us want new units, heroes, races or new game-mode. I expect it to come… because else it’s kinda a disappointment to many WC3 fans who want new content.


I’m all about new tilesets, new creeps and generally anything that can be considered added aesthetic content. If not as free content, DLC is honestly the next best option.

Like SC2’s Warchests, Co-op campaign heroes and Nova campaign; all of it is optional extra content. I didn’t buy any of it, but I’m super appreciative that it’s there. The only problem was I was done with SC2 a long time ago, and moved on to other games. WC3 though is something that’s right up my alley, and something I could see supporting for long term (given that it gets any support from Blizzard).

HOTS and D2 are the only Blizzard games I really play any more, and honestly WC3 is something I’d love to see more content for just because of the nostalgias.


There is already some pretty good Worgen models using not only a fan-made editor, but within old WC3’s graphics, I am positive that with access to Blizzard’s editor, we will see some amazing Worgen and Draenei models made by fans.