Patch 1.32.5: Are you guys actually trolling now?

Break Pad’s ladder. Let him spend a day trying configure it to work with newest patch. One day later, break it again. Smh. Can’t wait for the patch notes.


Footprints added for Thunder Lizards.


hope this ain’t useless update. because I just played 0 games today and suddenly a quick update.

If it fix custom games then its a useful update. espcially in evolution tag

Thunder Lizards added for footprints.


I don’t know who pad is, but i’m 99% sure blizzard never cared about 3rd party ladders, even during TFT’s days.

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The update was to fix ppl in certain regions not being able to play and people in certain regions where violince isnt allowed have reduced violence forced on again.

Whine about useless fixes all day, but entire regions being unable to play is a pretty serious issue warranting a hotfix.

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Look at me, I don’t know who the guy is that made a working ladder for a game that doesn’t have one for 3+ months.

Look at me, I equate a game with a ladder with a game without one.

Take my posts seriously please, I argue in good faith I swear…


Or you could take breaking compatibility with some third party thing that was never endorsed in the first place with them actually working on the official one.

Just have some godforsaken patience, it will come.

You mean the official one that even though they admitted it will probably be exactly like the ladder they have in other Blizzard titles we still haven’t heard news about in 3+ months?

You mean the 3rd party ladder that a guy made in his spare time in under a week and has done more for the competitive integrity of WC3 than the developers have done in over a year?

Yeah community, just have patience, and when the guy who has done more for you than the developers has to put in more work so THEIR game works, don’t you dare get upset for him, or demand better.


Zero details have been given, so citatiion needed

Remember that time you posted something and then I found blue posts that proved what you claimed never happened and you just ignored that?



No, I legitiamtely don’t. still waiitng for the citation.

Not that it really matters anyway. New engine, new code, stuff has to be made from scratch, even if it’s pixel for pixel going to look and act the same (which it already doesn’t, as MMR doesn’t work the same)

Gotta go through their blue posts so I can find it and you can duck out of admitting you’re wrong again.

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I have no problem with people posting actual proof that actually proves things. But even if a blue actually said something resmbling what you’re claiming, you’ve likely twisted it to sound more like how you want it to sound so you can complain, rather than sounding like the actual intent of the comments.

As I said above, even if what you say is true, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t take a lot of work to reimplement from scratch.

I did misread your comment, I thought you meant “exactly as it was before” rather than “exactly as in SC/SC2/some other game”. Again, even if it’s 100% exactly the same doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to be rebuilt to work with different data structures, different game code, different basically everything.

“Another area of concern we’re seeing is regarding online features such as leaderboards and clans, which applies to all Warcraft III players, including those who haven’t purchased Reforged. At BlizzCon we talked a lot about how the team is actively working on standing up the back-end to ensure a smooth transition to this new MMR system, much like we did with StarCraft: Remastered. As with Remastered, these and other features will be included in a major patch for Reforged, which will also address the issue for players of the original game. We’ll share release plans as work progresses in the coming weeks—please be assured that the team is hard at work on standing these features up.”

So they admit at Blizzcon 2019 that the system will be like SCR, they then admit months later the same thing, but have reneged on actually having ladder in at launch


Like I said, that’s fine, but just because they’re creating a system that functions the same, doesn’t mean it doesn’t require lots of work to implement in a differnet game.

I do respect you actually backing up your statements rather than talking out your behind.

Again, I don’t know who or what Pad is, but i doubt it is as robust or feature complete to blizzard’s system, w hich will undoubtedly have stats tracking that Pad doesn’t easily have access to.

An external tool just has to read data. A system actually built into the game has a lot more behind it. UIs and server systems that require script and code designed to work with the script and code that’s already there, etc. etc. and the burdern of functionalness from a professional developer is higher, especailly with the amount of nerdrage from the reforged release, they know they can’t release it half broken and expect player revolt round 2.

An external tool also isn’t as trustworthy or reliable and is more open to abuse.

And yet Pad got it to work in under a week? A single person, who has a job, in his spare time.

If it’s so damn hard, they should just hire him.


You really don’t understand how software development works do you?

Excuse me, Mr Plumber, why has it taken you 3 months to fix my plumbing?


Excuse me jr. electrician, why has it taken you a week to do what takes a professional electrician three?

Because the professional with the degree has higher standards that they must follow.

some guy can slap together an external ladder system in a week has no bearing whatsoever on how easy or hard a professional job built into a commercially released product HAS to be.