Out of curiosity, would restoring the lag screen at all help with some of the issues?

Back in the old days, when someone lagged, you’d get a big screen saying who was lagging, which after 60 seconds allowed the people in game to choose to drop that person once the timer ran out.

Now i’m sure for some things, it wouldn’t help at all. If someone would definitely desync, the lag screen would just lag until the timer ran out and the players would drop.

But it just seems somewhat suspicious that ever since reforged started, we have never once seen a lag screen in this game. I doubt that everyone I or anyone plays with has a perfect connection. I heard once (possibly on a rumor) that presently if someone lags too much, the game will just automatically drop them.

If this were true, it would explain why there are no lag screens anymore (laggers are just removed immediately), but if this is the case, wouldn’t restoring it also give more opportunities for games to reach completion?

Just something i was wondering the other day.

Does anyone else think it’s weird we’ve never seen a lag screen since reforged?

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It would help to curb desyncs and other connection issues, as it wouldnt result in instant dropping of players at slightest delay or lag.

Also i would like the chat message detailing reason of the player leaving to be back be restored. It was removed for no reason in one of early Reforged patches in 2020 and now you cant even tell if someone left the game sometimes.

Aside of “waiting for players” function i would like to see reconnection and ability to play without having to download RF files.(i dont have full version of reforged and i still weights 30 gigabytes, and i have quite a small ssd drive on my new laptop, i really could use tho 20gigabytes and i presume lots of others who preffer classic mode only play aswell.)
Maybe small price drop so more people can try warcraft 3, or to coincide with classic visuals only version, variant that costs 10-15$ like Stracraft Remastered?