Orc expansion build time reduction and Tourens (Buff)

From start of WC3 orc has hardest time of expanding from other races…
Especially in new meta expending is very important part of the game and balance of all 4 races…

So here is expansions stats or all 4 races :

1.Humans : Town hall 1500 hp .12 food . 180 sec build time (human build much faster adding 5 workers to build it)
2.Undead : Necropolis 1500hp,10 food , 100 sec build time
3.Night Elf : Three of Life 1300hp,10 food, 120 sec build time
4.Orc : Great Hall 1500 hp,11 food , 145 sec build time

*So as we can see in actual game (how game is played) orc have hardest time of expanding early game (before itam expansion on T3)

My proposition is maybe : Great Hall 1400hp 130 sec build time(from 145 sec) in order for orc to have just a little easier time expanding early game…

As for Tourens it would be good to reduce their build time or make some kind of upgrade like MGs to gain spell resistance…

Make them slimier they feel clunky similar to abominations

Or change to Tourens armour from heavy to medium.

Rider Ensnare nerf : Reduce worker repair rate under Ensnare by 40% (worker can repair their building previously could not repair it)

Spiked Barricades upgread (buff) give 2 armor to Orc Burrow.

Push Orc gameplay more towards expending less to all ins.

Ty for reading :slight_smile: what is your opinion on new meta and also on this changes.