Orb of Darkness don't work with Searing Arrows

I just noticed a bug here with Orb of Darkness: if my Hero has other abilities that enhances its attack such as Searing Arrows or Orb of Lightning, the Orb of Darkness will simply not spawn skeletons. Enemies attacked by my Hero don’t even have the Darkness spell effect on it.

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did it work before reforged tho?

Dude, it’s an ORB effect.
Only one orb can work In warcraft 3. Orb effects cannot stack and only one can be active at the same time…
It has taken a lot of time to get ride of this old WC3 mechanic in Dota 2, but in Reforged it works of course.


Thank you very much for your information. I never noticed that for many years until now. Thanks again.

Yeah only one orb or arrow effect can be active at a time. That includes the Mask of Death.

Not a bug. This applies to all orb effects. Only 1 attack modifier ability can be used at a time, and all auto cast arrows and orbs count as attack modifiers.


the orb of venom does stack. should be fixed finally!