One game 72%winrate-->12%winrate?

wtf???I only lost 1100 random games,now 1600???Tell me what happened??


have the same prob on two diffrent accounts i get hundret of wins and losses now I’ve 1000 mrr can find games but it take very long & i get hundreds of wins and losses after the matches actually showing in the profile stats , while the match history is mostly correct with few missing matches.

This literally just happened to me as well. Sad part is based on blizzard’s awful track record this is not going to be fixed. Our accounts are basically made worthless for no reason. I have no desire to play after getting several hundred losses dumped on my account for a single played game (that there were quitters in to top it off).

This company is pathetic.

Edit: Despite the disappointment I did play a game (old habits), I received ~ 50 wins for the won game. So there is that as well, although it clearly isn’t balanced.

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Same thing happened to me, 71% to 29%. Legit just got my win:loss flipped for that specific race/match type.

And just happened to another race/match type. More bugs in from 2020-2022 then all of 2004-2019. Ridiculous how bad they screwed the game in just a couple years. With this second happening, I can’t even get a grasp on what happened with wins/losses. Had like 400 wins added, 600 losses added. Just makes no sense.

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Use W3Champions. None of these issues exist and you get modern features like reconnect.

My Warcraft is over,20years,ladder has never been so bad,repay my 500 wins!

I got 130+ random losses and my win rate was reduced by 1.39%. Really hope Blizzard fixes this

It’s been one month, but my lost 500 losses still hasn’t returned!!!

I also got dropped from 50% winrate to 10% … I got 3k losses extra on my main race.