Nothing changed and I'm not surprised

Suprise surprise, game looks exacly the same. They failed and ruined there chance to reforge the greatest game of all time.


I admit, you were right since the beginning. But, there is no reason to be proud of it.


Warcraft III: Reskinned


Warcraft 3: Paid twice


I do not think we should be proud of it… It is really sad.


Proud? I said a million times i wanted to be wrong. This game means more to mean than my ego, or a measly 40 buck.


No. Game looks worse - look at this Anime Thrall ahaha)


One of the more simplest things they failed at is the new game client interface. Free screen space is poorly utilised, chat goes over critical elements, it’s horrible looking and barely functional.

The classic version of the game is a superior version in my opinion, but if someone enjoys the reforged, it’s still great that they’ve returned to what was has been a dead game for a long time.


What really pisses me off is what in the hell were they doing for a full god damn year to promise so much and deliver so little.


lmao… /salute

The content was cut, the beta was bad, they had 1 month more to work, the realease was worst. Thanks for all Activision-Blizzard.


Their team was probably being cut by Activision for a full year to be “cost effective”


They forgot they ever announced the game after Blizzcon 2018. A year later when they were setting up the convention again, Pete remembered “Oh, crap… We were supposed to release the game this year? Guys, we need to hack a demo together.” Fastforward a few months and this is what we got.


I legit hate blizzard so much.


Of course it looks the same if you didn’t buy reforged.

To use the reforged assets, you have to buy reforged…

DUDE look at the paladin or arthas , he looks like a 10 year old mounted on a 20year olds body WTF. Literally 85% of the reskinns are UGLY and not true to the original game art at all i already requested a refund.


The campaign is worse than the original in the theme scenes.

Not even touch-ups to transmit something.

Simple models stick with static scenes but detailed models simply don’t work well.


Fanmade W3


This release is an absolute DISGRACE for the entire Warcraft III legacy. Absolutely NOTHING changed since the beta.

  1. The game isn’t optimized at all and stutters every couple of seconds.
  2. The graphics look like I just ate 2 mushrooms…but that surely us subjective.
  3. What is the point of that empty window at the beginning of the login, which has three buttons: Options, Play Offline, and Exit Game. It appears for 3 seconds and then just disappears.
  4. After that weird login screen window, a lot of Korean text appears when using the ASIA server. I’m living in Taiwan and don’t speak Korean. Does Blizzard think all Asians speak Korean now?
  5. THE CAMPAIGN DOESN’T WORK! Whenever I click on the first mission “Chasing Visions”, the load screen appears and after finishing up, the game just goes back to the mission selection screen and a flag shows up saying “defeat”… wtf?

Basically Blizzard provided us (surprise surprise) with an unfinished and badly reskin of WC3. Beyond disappointed and angry for wasting my money on the special edition.


Yep, I came to these forums today just to post that the game looks exactly the same as before…
I guess the good thing, is I still have my original WC3: RoC CE, and original TFT, so if I ever really want to, uninstall this new, and reinstall the old (and I think I still have the patches for the old, on my old PC).

Granted, I’ll probably still play this, either all the way, or until I may eventually have enough of it, but yeah, they should know (although, they probably already do, and they more than likely do not care), that it’s a disappointment.

They were suppose to remake it, but are short on time so instead of pushing it to make what they promise up; a remake of everything along with making things connect better with wow. Blizzard blame us the players for their bad work, and use it as an excuse to just reskin everything then release it out.

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