Not Able to Find FFA Games on Americas/Europe Servers?

A few days ago I could still find some FFA games on the americas server, but as of yesterday it just keeps searching. I did try a 1v1 game and it found one so seems that still works… unsure why I suddenly can’t find FFA games. Anyone else having trouble finding a FFA game on Americas server (or any server)?


i have some problem too

yes everyone.

People just don’t play FFA that much. Especially non-ranked.

I used to love Team FFA (2v2v2v2) backin the ROC days but that was removed. Nobody played it. It’s not a malfunction. At least, probably not.

We did have 3v3 legitimately not working several weeks ago, and a bunch of friends tried to queue at the same time and it never matched them. But in the case of FFA, it’s legitimately not that popular so its hard to say it isn’t just popularity.

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I play regularly. After 1.33 the servers were absolutely different in behavior. Several days ago FFA search times went to oblivion. The day of the patch 3v3 search times fell off a cliff from the day before and have not recovered. Players in Oceania are essentially not able to play the game.

There is a systemic problem in the matchmaker and/or server routing. I have no doubt of this.

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Not accurate. There was a period of time after t he update in which 3v3 was legitimately not functional at all. You could gather a bunch of people in the same region, all queue together and not have a game pop. After a week or so, it was fixed and 3v3 worked again. It still works, it just isn’t as popular as 2s and 4s, and never was. It’s worth noting that W3C doesn’t offer a 3v3 queue (or an FFA queue IIRC, but it’s been a while since I looked)

I was definitely able to play some 3s just a few days ago, so can confirm that it’s working.

Like I said, it’s definitely possible FFA is legitimately broken, but it also wasn’t that popular in the first place.

Previously 4player FFA was great (other than a few quitters) but now cant join any games. Seems like an update version issue. Hopefully gets fixed soon. Was hoping it would be resolved today as development staff likely off on the weekend but no luck yet.

I’ve moved back to SC for now.

Yea i think it’s legitimately busted atm. But you won’t catch em playing SC lol

Are you in Oceania?

No. It’s not just a particular region for this one. It’s affecting everyone.

Seems to be working again, just played a ffa game versus/ ranked in EU region

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