Non-hero unit skins


Hoping they add skin choices for other units beside heroes. Things like high elf footmen and workers seen in the editor would be amazing.


Wardens nigth elf.


The big ones I’m hoping for are:

Void Elves (to replace BE Swordsmen, Archers, Priest, Sorceress, Spelbreaker, Dragonhawk, and Blood Mage [and even better Ranger]).
Dark Iron Dwarves (pretty much all of them).

More than that, I want Building Skins. Dragonhawk Aviary, Altar of Thanes (with a salty Mountain King instead of some pithy human), and maybe an Altar of the Depths with Azshara instead of some myrmadon.


Void Elves and Dark Iron Dwarves won’t be added for sure. They don’t make sense in terms of Warcraft 3 lore.


Probably not, but then again Jaina, Daughter of the Sea is only how she looked after Theramore got destroyed (in Mists I think?). She looked nothing like that through Wrath of the Lich King, which takes place 7+ years after WC3.

Editing to add that the Emerald Nightmare apparently only starts 12 years after WC3, but we have Emerald Nightmare Cenarius too


Daughter of the sea Jaina


Emerald Nightmare Cenarius as well. I’m not really sure how lore accurate Fallen Prince Arthas with a clearly live Invincible is supposed to be either.

Honestly out of all the skins they’ve shown so far, only 1 checks off as potentially lore-friendly.


Fel Orc… Please…


they won’t do void elves lmao

i think fel orcs are a shoein if they ever do any skins, so are blood elven footmen. blood elven archers won’t happen because it adds a projectile where there is none originally. It’d be cool to have a skin changing priests/sorcs from blood elves to their RoC highelf versions. Also a skin changing footmen to captains could be cool as a reward. mag’har orcs could be cool, i can’t really think of night elf or undead skins for the units–maybe a skeletal archer skin for the skeletal mage, it would have a different projectile but if it moved at exactly the same speed/with the exact same stats it would work, but it’s a different hitbox so probably not.


I’m more curious how they are going to do the randomization of hero skins.

I’m hoping there will be a manageable “pool” of skins / models that you can edit in the editor, so that if I am making a custom game where you build units, I can randomize whether or not you get the Footman or Swordsman.

But yeah, Dark Iron Dwarves and Void Elves are probably a pipe dream, but we’ll see.


Their certainly will be skins for Heroes, but I doubt about units.
SC1:Remasted doesn’t have it, only SC2.


What I’d really love is a full set of Corrupted Ancients.

We already have Corrupted Trees of Life / Ages / Eternity, plus Ancient of War and the Ancient Protector (oh, and the Corrupted Moon Well).

All we really need for a full set is the Ancients of Wind, Lore, and Wonders, plus maybe an Altar of Elders, Hunter’s Hall, Entangled Gold Mine, and Chimaera Roost.

We’re already halfway there, and SC2 did have skins for buildings. Actually, SC:Remastered made that cartoony shenanigans for everything too


Lore doesn’t have to make sense for multiplayer skins.