No communication from Blizzard is the worst part

You must not read. They been updating today and it’s pinned. They stated they fixed some issues and still working to fix Dsync.


Did you miss the pinned post with Chandler saying that they’re working on it?


Maybe they could just revert the patch until they work it out
Because I’ve played 1 game of WC3 in the past 3 days and forgotten I’ve had it searching for hours at home while I was out and still didn’t find a game. Custom games are borked, ladder games are borked, the game is literally unplayable, so why is this patch being left active?

Yeah, they say that a lot, and they usually end up breaking more things instead.

Alright so I guess the game’s over, then. Pack it up everyone let’s go to Age of Empires.

that game is broken too

Oh no I guess gaming is dead then, I’m gonna go be a professional salsa dancer.


Do people not know how to read? Literally the second sentence in the original post.

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Maybe you shouldn’t be posting in the reforged forums.

What are you asking then? That they should start posting the changed lines of code they are working on now? Pictures of them working on their computers? Journal notes?

This is WC3 forum. Even the admins post wc3 patch notes and wc3 stuff here that are not reforged news lol.


ZanyDruid are you lashing out at others because of inner torment? Blink twice if you need help and someone to talk to. I’m here for you, bud.

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Did my comment hurt you?

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No. Did it hurt when you fell from heaven though?

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Maybe there are just those 2 guys working at it

reforged is remastered what are you? an illiterate? stop trolling.

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These patches are literally for the upcoming features to Wc3R. Ofc this feedback is useful for Reforged. If it doesn’t work on the base of the engine, what makes you think it’s gonna work on the upgraded version either?

Pretty sure OP is just asking for essentially a Dev Diary, like “Hey guys, today/this week we worked on features X and Y, and were doing intensive bug testing on Z!”

Y’know, like the majority of game companies now? It’s literally 1-2 paragraphs they could write, somewhere between every other day and once a week. There’s really no loss to them to at least communicate what they’re doing in terms a little less vague than “We’re working on it.”

Take a page from TaleWorldsEntertainment and you’ll see the community flip how it responds pretty damn quickly.

They’ve been stringing people along for Mount and Blade 2 for literal years, and their viewership has literally only gone up.

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Dev diary is a waste of time for a game that already came out 15 yrs ago.

Hahaha, you are an artist sir. The positivity troll vibes are infectious. Love conquers all:D