Night Elf Mystics

These are male, non-druid spellcasters in Brothers in Blood who used human models(wizard and emissary) as placeholders in the old game. They are members of the Watchers, that means under Maiev.

I’m being lazy to look at it now but are their models(unique) already in game or are we yet to see them added?


Probably will be retconned, since Night elves are supposed to swear off the Arcane.

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Nope. Some druid spells are based on Arcane, and not all who practice some sort of arcane spells are mages. Even Maiev use arcane on some of her abilities, like Blink

We can assume these mystics arcane use are specifically meant to lock the prisoners in their cells

I always assumed they were prisoners.

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Yes and this is why in WoW they create the meme about Tyrande being an ipocrit. Because he hate magic but in Cataclism even allow (not much, the mage clearly say” dude, or you kill us all or you can’t force people to not being curious about magic”) mage to comeback but keep despice blood elf and Nightborne for the use of magic because “All magic is dangerous”.

Yeah Tyrande. Keep say that, remember the moonwell are a creation of illidan (he give the idea to the Priesthood/Druid when he create the second Well of Eternity)

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I think Tyrande being friends with Vereesa and the Night Elves finally having bonded with High Elves (as far as lending the Silver Covenant their Hippogryphs) was a huge leverage for her to reaccept the Highborne

She sent the Shalandis spies as a response for the Blood Elves’ hijacking of Exodar, she isn’t omnipotent enough to know it wasn’t really the Quel’thalas Blood Elves

she doesn’t hate the Nightborne, she was just giving them some sort of an “I’m watching you” warning, besides the Suramarians just simply hid themselves like cowards while the Kaldorei Resistance did their jobs

maybe if Illidan didn’t pour the second Well directly underneath the World Tree he wouldn’t be jailed. And it was Malfurion who imprisoned him

Also, I will shamelessly plug in my post here like an attention wh*re to help pool more inconsistencies found like the one @NightWalker posted:

Not quite. In WoW Lore the can use mage thanks to Mordent Evershade and Hightborne who come back from exile and want to talk to Tyrande about that but the guard don’t want that. After some talk she let him stay because “she can’t impose her will to the people (one big fear of Tyrande is to become like Azshara. She consider herself a guide for her people but not a leader/queen)”. Her friendship with Vereesa is being in WoW let to rot. And even I am a bit disappointed by that.

It seems it was Fandral doing. Damn you blizzard and your continued Retcons. In the war of the ancient books she is actually the “creator” of the high elf. Because she exile them and think “they will starve to death” (she wanna kill them but Malfurion stop her and convince her to exile them) but then she find out they stole one of illidan vial of the well of eternity so she burst a tantrum so deep even illidan in his prison can hear it and Maiev have a giggle. So she hate them. In warcraft 3 she take no Grudge. In WoW she hate them. So we need to decide what version of Tyrande we keep in notice.

Yeah for that she was right. They bubble themself when they’re people needed them so they are a coward in that. But when the alliance and the horde free them Tyrande and Liandri try to convince Thalryssa to join the Horde or The alliance.

Tyrande simply said “quit this monarch crap, this well crap and this magic crap. Come back to your people. We save you”

And liandri simply respond “in the Horde you are accepted from what you are. You don’t need to change”.

And Thalryssa choice the Horde. And Tyrande feel betrayed by “her people”

Actually blizz never said what Tyrande think of the void elf. They use the void. I dunno how She and Velen can actually say “oh good, welcome” to the embodiment of what they despice. But ok (actually was for make the fan happy that want the elf in the alliance. Stupid reason).

The fault was that yeas he create the secondo well and then people try to stop him he attack the group (and hurt Maiev brother, Jarod and Dart Remar Sunstrider) so they need to put it in jail. Then Maiev create the watcher to keep an eye on him.

But all this can be reduce in “you talk with WoW lore. So is not canon in reforged” and I don’t want to hurt some purist (not you but maybe who will listen this comment and be upset).

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I see, I was actually expecting the Silver Covenant to at least help in Darkshore Warfront; like where the hell was Vereesa and her Alliance bootlickers in BFA?

I’ve seen sources that in RoC the MVPs of the Battle of Mount Hyjal were High Elf Priests and in TFT Tyrande and Kael somehow were light on each other, but in WoW 4 years later the Night Elves suddenly went on to warn the Alliance against the High Elves

My headcanon was that the reason was the Cult of the Dark Strand which was mostly made up of High Elves (I think their motive was search for power or something) that greatly added quite the distaste for the Night Elves

Also random off-topic: I hope Illidan still has a vial and the Highborne and the High Elves ask him for it so they could have a reason now to restore Eldre’thalas and make it their new capital

What differs the Highborne, High Elves, and Void Elves*, from Blood Elves and Nightborne is they know when to use or not to use their magics. They restrain from overindulging on the use of their powers.

The Shen’dralar kept themselves from being corrpupted by Immol’thar’s energies
The High Elves meditated and only relied on magical artifacts
The Void Elves are training to silence the whispers in their heads

The Nightborne could have learned the depending too much of their lives to Arcane is not a good idea, but then they sided with the Blood Elves

So for the Nightborne: Suffer well

There are male elves? Wouldn’t that break lore or something?

If you mean male Night Elf in WoW they retcon that. They simply state in WoW. That time all the druid were male and all the sentinel were female but not ALL the population of man are druid and not all the female are sentinel. With WoW some female join the druid and some male join the sentinel.

In warcraft 3 … yeah all male go to sleep. Except Illidaddy

Im pretty sure there weren’t any males in wow too.

They could add some dialogue to campaign that she doesn’t trust Kael’thas but she needs his help.

They closed huge portal in Suramar. It is not that they were simply useless.

Liadrin and blood elves are too family to nightborne. Maybe even more, as most of Suramar population are highborne magi that didn’t follow Tyrande.

Velen is portrayed as irenist. He wouldn’t want conflict, especially after his change in Legion. Illidan taught him to not follow the Light blindly.

Tyrande may accept shadow(void) magic because wardens use a bit of it anyway.

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They worked with Vashj and Illidan. I guess night elves had some spies to acknowledge that.

  1. Illidan is busy.
  2. I doubt he cares about high elves. He seems to think only about Tyrande.
  3. I want playable ogres and Eldre’thalas needs to be their capital.

That’s weird. I saw some source that Illidan had all the other Wardens executed other than Maiev. Unless those Night Elves in Honor Hold, Allerian Stronghold, Cenarion Hold, and Sylvanaar were from the Wardens who survived

They promised us that, they said that every model will be different, for example the dreadlords: remember that they only had different colors. Now they should all be unique.

Here’s my post regarding that if you haven’t seen it yet:

We need to keep that up for Blizzard to notice it

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I agree. I wish we could make them bring the first presented UI back too instead of this current lazy, ugly one.