New Patch Now Available

Please see our patch notes here.

Please find our Known Issues for this patch in the Bug Report forum, and report new bugs there.

Thank you.


why i need to buy the game?
prev i was able to play cuz i owned classic now i cant?

WOW, very nice. :+1:

Balance patch is for 1 % of players but what about players that want improvements for wc3 R like graphics and on ?
Its cool to get new balance patch (don’t get me wrong) but i really expected a lot more…

I didnt want to use 3rd party programs to get good graphic for reforged but i guess i need to download quenching 1.04… :stuck_out_tongue:

Nighttime is still too dark , terrain dont look good (compared to quenching 1.04) (don’t fit the unit models (terrain is cartony and units are realistic) ,Team Color are also too dark (during night time)…

I wish for as that stick with reforged to get some roadmap of development so we can see what is it in pipeline or at list to see if you working on the game…


If you have Classic you don’t need to buy it

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Can we have a date for Custom campaign and other stuff please ? :frowning:


With the delay crom the originally planned release date, and then the condition the game was released in, I dont see Bliz making any public commitments.

Plus any time, and of their games, they give even estimates, certain community memebers twist them into “promises” and hold Bliz strictly to them… even though they were just general time frames.

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Please fix the performance issues !


New music started playing in the main menu, but I want it to play randomly.

this patch is a joke still no ladder LOL . NICE NERFS. WHAT A JOKE!


download w3champions ladder

I can somehow see no Profiles, Ladder and Clans there. u guys ok?

If you are referring to this last patch, it’s purpose was for balance, not content/fixes. So you wouldn’t expect big content additions to be included.

Still no custom campaigns? Jeez come on guys wth are you doing?!?!

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I read some of the patch notes and it’s perfect and all, but there’s something that’s just been on my mind for the last 5 minutes.


For you guys that don’t understand my excitement, I just found out that the english voice actor for Gaara also voices Illidan! I’m begging Blizzard to get the voice actor of Madara on here or HOTS

omg I’m so shaken right now. I don’t even know wtf to do

edit: I seriously need a few days away from HOTS and reforged. This is like the best thing frikkin ever