Neromancer Raise Dead cost

Necromancer’s Raise Dead cost goes back to 75 mana after researching Skeletal Mastery.

The cost should be lower, eg. 30 manna maximum.
But the Necro unit should be more expensive and with much more health.

The issue with Raise Dead is that it’s hard to find bodies randomly, so you HAVE to use the Meat Wagon. The issue with that is that the Meat Wagon moves REALLY, REALLY slowly at 220 speed, compared to everyone else who moves at 270. That means using Necros means you’re going to have a 220 speed army while your opponent creeps the map faster than you and can kite your army all day.

The solution is simple:

  • increase Meat Wagon movement speed to 270

You forgot one simple moment:
Meat Wagons (alongside with Demolishers, Glaive Throwers and Mortar Teams) are Siege units mainly. Their secondary options for each race just nice bonus, so movement speed as 220 is balance feature. You build them only when you have huge advantage over enemies army to break turtling basesitting (aka “noobtower”) players. Ofc UD have ability to raise huge ammount of skeletons from necrowagon tactic and use it as main. But thats do not mean that players should be same fast as other armies without siege units. Its curse logic when you try to equal units speed just because you want to use some tactic. Same “logic” may start to use some Orcs in raiders tactics when all units include heroes must move at 320 just because raiders have 320 speed

think “further”. Make zero mana requirement to raise skeletons, and delete skeleton cap. Make UD great again!