My game is crashing in Maev Campaign

My game is crashing all the time in Maev campaign and i cant play! wth can i do to play?

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Turn spell effects to low. Do not load from a mid-mission save.

Don’t work, wish people would stop spreading this.


We are aware of crashing in the campaign during map transitions. Two options.

  • You can restart the mission and use the cheat code: AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs
    This will allow you to bypass the mission and continue on. Return once this issue is resolved in a future update of the game.

  • We have fixes aimed at this issue on the 1.35 PTR you can try switching to that version of the game. Goto the Desktop app β†’ Warcraft III tab β†’ Use the drop down above Play and select Public Test Realm. Install and test that version of the game. Make sure to post on the PTR forums if that helps you out.

Thank you.

After victory sceens during the campaign (eg. Orc prologe) you press continou and it will instantly drop you to defeat screen. So you will not able to complete the whole compaign. Even in PTR 1.35

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