Multiple Techtree Requirements is Broken

With 1.32, using multiple integers for Techtree Requirements is bugged.

Previously, you could set multiple techtree requirements levels.
Techtree - Requirements: Iron Forged Swords, Black Gunpowder
Techtree - Requirement - Levels: 2,1
In 1.31 it would work as expected.

Now if you put multiple integers in Requirement - Levels like it will ONLY consider the first requirement. Though it falsely lists the other requirements in the tooltip, the tech gets unlocked once the first Requirement is met.

  • If you put it no integers at all, Requirements will be considered properly (with a Required Level of 1 applying to all Requirements).
  • If you put in a single integer, it will apply to all Tech Requirements listed.

I haven’t seen this bug mentioned alot, but for my strategy map it is a major game breaker. I hope this gets read by Blizzard and it can be fixed.

Others have tried, they don’t want to fix this error…

Worse still, tech requirements with integers do not work at all for multi-level upgrades beyond first level. Meaning multi-level upgrades need to be broken up and subsequent upgrade levels must be enabled through triggering :japanese_goblin: