Mouse lag!

There has to be a way to fix this damn mouse delay while IN GAME. Everything runs perfectly until I create and start a game then the mouse drags really slow. Haven’t been able to play since i think it was 1.33.

Yes, my old system with i9-12900K and 3070Ti Eagle from Gigabyte, 16Gb Corsair Ram just cannot handle well this (I even lowered some settings) but my G403 mouse still lags.

For sure my next pc will be with 32Gb ram and 4000 series video; and I hope will handle better Reforged released in January 2020.

Or should I try to move

  • Amd instead of Intel,
  • Kingston instead of Corsair
  • Asus instead of Giga for video
  • and Razer instead of Logitech ?

uh, im pretty sure there’s an option in the options for this? Did that not do anything for you?

If you’re using a gaming mouse, try reducing the polling/update rate. I’ve had a few games (most notably Battlefield 2042) where having a high polling rate causes a LOT of problems. Most of Razer/Corsair/Logitech’s gaming mouse products have polling rates much higher than standard and reducing them or setting them to the standard value can fix issues in some games.

I wonder if it has to do with the fact that the main menu is a web app (lol)

that would only matter on the menu if that was the case