MMR not working in arranged team

Since start of the new season a friend of mine and I suffer from the same bug, that is mentioned by other players here. Our games aren’t counted at all. We dont get wins or losses in our profiles and we cannot do the 5 ranked games. Our MMR is displayed as mmr-1. We didnt find any solution, tried different pcs. This is the case in Europe servers and I cannot tell if it’s the same in Asia. So please Blizzard… FIX IT FAST our give us a workaroung. Every joy of gaming has vanished…


This issue has been around a long time. It doesn’t always happen however it is pretty prolific.

This occurs becuase the game server isn’t reporting the match results in a timely manner for some unknown reason. In most cases, these matches will appear on your record within a few days at most, but sometimes they seem to get lost entirely.

So does anybody have these problems too at the moment? At least it’s showing me a ranking in the active season in 2n2 AT now.

1v1 is reliable. 2v2 is somewhat. but it seems like the more players in the game, the less reliable it becomes.

It works today, finally, but I’m still angry about the lost games!


its working now

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