Metacritic 1/10 disappointment of the year

Yeah, congratulations dear blizzard you DONE THIS!

  • Is it funny and sad that blizzards can’t even give an adequate answer to why this happened? Why did they promise one (sold) and we didn’t get one. Is it possible that their party is not over from the release of the game, spending our money on sl.ts and dru.s?

the sad thing is that since classic doesn’t exist anymore, new players that have never heard about Warcraft 3 before will see the metracritic score and believe the game has always been this bad, its a no win situation for everybody, i genuinely believe this is the biggest screw up in blizzard entire history


The 1/10 is caused by a bunch of people venting their disappointments by putting 0. Which is a shame, because 4/10 is easier to take seriously than 1/10.


0,9 of 10 :slight_smile:


Exactly this. This is what I find the saddest. Poor WC3 :frowning:

Also, I have a hard time believing that most of those people who gave low ratings to the game are truly WC3 (only) players. I think they’re mostly WoW players.

Even if Reforged is bad, it still doesn’t deserve to be rated so low.

I’d personally just not give it any rating at all if I didn’t like it. This is WC3 we’re talking about here. The original deserves ratings of 11/10.

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its now 0.9/10


Business practices like claiming ownership over all custom maps made by the community deserve nothing more than a zero.


Another proof of why user score on metacritic is worth bull.


Metacritic i personally treat like critic scores on rotten tomatoes. Not a great barometer.

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Why? Because the people playing WC3 “Classic” and kept the game alive express their anger? Those who can’t play it anymore because of bugs or missing features?

The rage is well-deserved and you should be glad that it is that massive. Maybe the suits responsible for this mess will rethink their decision and those poor developers will get more time and resources.


Likely the single most liked post on this forum is essentially the outline for joining a class action suit against Blizz. Purchasers are literally saying the advertising and actual product are so different that it warrants prosecution and are rating the product as such. But ya, your opinion and personal preference is worth more.


The score is 0.9 right now. None of Blizz game was ever rated so low. This is a fail of the year.


You’re on the US boards. It’s 0.9 of 10


This is also the most facepalm-inducing post I’ve seen on this forum. As far as marketing/advertisement is concerned, it has no chance of working.

Did you get Warcraft 3 with HD graphics? Yes. Maybe you don’t like the new models, but at any rate they exist and they are more detailed than the old ones.
If you pre-ordered, you had a beta access to see what it looked like.
Some things may have been downgraded since the 2018 demo, but the trailer duly included “things are subject to change”. Cheap way of covering your @? Yes, but it’s the sort of things that matters.

Maybe a lawyer would phrase it differently, but there is a difference between a disappointing product and a scam. The correct reaction if you are that disappointed is to ask for a refund - you can do that. Threats of lawsuits are bluster, someone who would actually go for it has a loose screw and will waste far more than $30.

I’m not even trying to defend Reforged as a game. My point is that the marketing arguably turned out to be misleading, but in the legal sense this is not even close to a scam.


Non-attorney gives analysis of pending legal suit, the world holds its breath…

The point is this, Captain Clownshoes. The fan base is upset enough to believe the product they pre-ordered is so grossly misaligned with what they believed they actually ordered, that it violates that law. If that doesn’t justify the lowest rated game in Blizz history, what does?


Just like I’m sure Blizzard is trembling at the thought that lawsuit threats on their forums have Likes.

Frankly, this says more about the player base (or the part of it that posts on the forum) than about the game.

An evaluation of the actual content would be a start. If you think the animations are lackluster, that the game lags and that there are connectivity issues - all fair points, I could even agree with them. If you want refunds, I respect that even if I don’t agree.

But throwing 0 on metacritic or threatening to go to court because it’s really different from what you were hoping… that’s difficult to take seriously. Especially since a refund is a far more effective protest than a forum post.

Now im not defending blizzard on this. So far wcIII RF has many issues. That being said. Does metacritic verify you own the game? IP check to see if you’re possibly review bombing. Some youtubers with followings are bagging on blizzard cherry picking a few forum posts… Thats enough to get their followers to join in lowering the reviews.

If you throw a bug ridden mess with less features than the original on the market and your official trailer shows Ingame scenes with a total different quality, then a score of 0-1 is total acceptable IMO. Especially if you have the balls to kill the original game and force migration to the new faulty client.

Imagine you own a Tesla and they just remotely deny you to drive with it after a few years. Without any announcement they send you a bike with Tesla emblem on it and take silently away your car over night. But the Tesla bike has no seat, you have to sit on the sharp metal construction they did not properly design. So your butt hurts like hell while you get to work and your groceries. And the only thing they say after a few weeks: We are sorry that our product doesn’t meet your expactations.

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It’s called review bombing bub. People either give games 10s or 0s nowadays on sites like Metacritic. They are entitled and emotional man children that can’t be objective in their review. It’s why no one takes the actual score serious anymore even if the bad review is justified.


Just put the score in relation to other games, it happens to them too. If your score is lower than anthem and fallout 76 your can definitely say that something is kind of wrong with the product.