Menu is laggy

Deleted the game than re-installed nothing changed don’t know what’s wrong :frowning:
Menu is still lagging
My specs are good so have no idea what might be the problem ?
Rtx 2080 ti, 32GB Ram, i7 8086k

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There is nothing wrong, it is just how the game functions. The menu is very poorly coded and runs in Chrome. Even users with high end gaming computers will experience this. Blizzard draws wrong information from the OS. They could adjust the code by pulling the correct table but it seemst his level of internship is not available at blizzard.

Estimates are that hardware will cover for these gaps in about 3 - 4 years from now. The only solution which may work for some is to go to device manager > display adapters > and rightclick and disable Intel® UHD graphics.

With some luck this results in bypassing the poor coding of reforged and results in the game picking up your actual high quality video card. If this doesn’t work there is no known solution.

No worries: it has been there since release so I’m sure blizzard is about to fix this rapidly as the first thing everyone experiences when booting the game is a very very poorly functioning interface. Not the first impression one wants to make. For over a year…


What resolution do you play?
With 4k it is worst, with 1440p it is little bit better and with 1080p i have no lag

Like Kiezel mentioned, there’s nothing you can do it. It’s a function of Blizzard’s poor design choice to render the main menu system as a web app running via Chromium. The WC3 TFT menu system is smooth as silk compared to this horrendous monstrosity.

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Same situation. I do not understand how they have not solved it, it gives a terrible impression.