Maximum map size should be 512mb but is instead 256mb

So as the title says, originally it was intended for map sizes to be increased to 512mb not 256mb, this is important because for example, Reforged models or high definition models in general tend to occupy several MBs per model, this means that an HD map is fairly limited on what it can utilize as it is. It’d be nice if you guys could fix the problem, as it stands, map lobbies get broken when you host a map above 256mb.

According to Triggerhappy (hive user): “I believe the limit in reforged is supposed to be 512mb, but the map cloud storage is limited to 256mb”.

This might be the issue as to why the map lobbies do get broken when you attempt to host a map higher than 256mb, a hardcoded cap on the cloud storage limit, it’d be nice if you guys could change it to 512mb as it was intended(?) as the rest of the implementation should already be there.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


It was in fact supposed to be 512. We just overlooked the issue.


There is no need for a limit at all, just a warning that you can’t download it from the game itself.

There definitely should be a certain limit, especially cause the engine is old and limited in certain aspects, however, 512mb was an intended amount, it just was a bugged implementation and should be fixed to at least that amount since it was intended for Reforged.

I have modded many games in the last decade, including warcraft 3. Its engine doesn’t have a problem handling the size of the map (me and my team mate manage to extend the size of the map a bit), the only problem is that people won’t be able to download it ingame ( internet connection, blizzard server capacity, etc) and it’s not a problem at all if the limit of 512mb remained in the ingame downloader and you can just download the map from an other site. Anyway, if you have a problem with the size of the maps use the path system. I found about this 2 years ago since it was a similar concept with the total war games that I’ve modded.

Well the problem is from how hosting works, no matter if you can download it or not through battlenet, the moment you host a map now they are uploaded to blizzards servers, so they would need to specify a certain size no matter what, that’s why I said for 512mb since that’s the size they originally promised us with an update (even though it broke)

That can’t be exactly right. We had maps that we shared with almost 320mb and because all of our computers had it the server didn’t interfere. The server will only be a problem if one of you don’t have the map or the map is with the wrong name. Again, if you designate a certain path for your model then there is no need to import it in your map thus no size increase.

Why did you not ask to extend it at once to 2GB? Sure would be good than to extend it just to 512MB.

If they want to, sure, but 512mb was what they originally promised us, and it broke due to a bug, so they should at the very least fix that.