Massive new Leaks (Icons and Maps)


They kind of look like clash of clans graphics but nice overall.

It will take time to get used to.



What’s the discord channel again?


Hive discord modding


There’s some really interesting stuff in here.

Some non-canon icons/iterations of campaign heroes (skins, presumably).
Female death knight is the default, female demon hunter is the default. So I’m assuming Illidan and Arthas will be the gender swap for them.
LOTS of Archmages.
A few different Blood Mages.
All the dragonflights look neat.
Paladins. Paladins and dreadlords everywhere.


Is it possibile to view it without using discord?


Someone’s compiled an imgur album I’d link, but -


Honestly very happy.

Big thank you the data miners. Work is honestly appreciated



PLEASE tell me there will be a proper, in game competitive ladder like in starcraft 2.



What is that “Play Offline” button??


All of Blizzard’s newer games require you to be online to play, Diablo 3 did the same when it came out. Play Offline let’s you… Play Offline. From Bnet.


Console version of D3 doesn’t require you to be online, at least.



good new’s they did not change the Draenei

i cant share links so add // after https:



Thank you providing actually useful info… Unlike some others i could name…


Tyrande and the Night Elves look insane omg !


Dear god, what have they done to naga myrmidons?!


I’m loving the banshee’s new face considering her old look is the same as the great fairy from Zelda 64.

Arthas has 3 portraits + the bonus. Must be pre-frostmourne, post-frostmourne, then death knight.