Mass controll function


Please add mass controll so you can select more then 12 units at anygiven time.

I would love to play the announcement demo, could you please release it?

Have a good one!

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They might be considering this.

Now we dont know if ladder is same (12) and campaign is 12+ or if there is an option of (12) or (12+)…

Well we wait in silence…

Pretty sure Blizz said they are not going to allow mass/unlimited selection for competitive melee, though custom games probably will/should allow unlimited unit selection.

Personally I think the campaign should remain the same as competitive play otherwise some players may be confused/frustrated if they are different

A small increase from 12 to 16 or even 20 would be fine imo, because its not like you ever have 50 units unless your massing flying machines. I also think a “select all” feature would be bad for undead as it would select their ghouls and undead players usually leave ghouls on lumber.

There are better ways to improve unit selection without allowing unlimited selection, such as:

Where did you get this?

First they said they could make two separate ladders, presumably one with unlimited selection and the other like the original game.

Then they actually said that the limit would indeed not be removed. Though this interview was done at the same time as the others at BlizzCon, only released later, and they have shown to change their minds about some things already, so I hope they listen us on this one too.

Personally I think it would be better if unit selection was increased to 20 for all ranked games with the option to change it in custom games. I dont really care if/how they change campaign, but I do think unlimited unit selection would be bad for the simple fact that it discourages using multiple control groups.

The fact wc3 had limited unit selection was an intentional design choice, its not like it was a technical limitation because many other RTS games of the mid-to-late 90s had unlimited unit selection long before wc3 or sc1, and yet blizzard specifically chose to keep unit selection for the reason that it helps players to break up their army.

I do hope there are 2 separate ladders, they said that is a possibility. if they have a “Classic” ladder and a “Progressive” ladder then that would be even better, cause even if less people play classic it should always remain closer to what we played in the past

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Well, I don’t care to go over the “Change or don’t change unit selection limit” debate anymore, because really everything has been said already from both sides and I don’t think I (or you, for that matter) have anything new to this matter. My point was just to point the things Blizzard has actually said about the subject.

Anyway, I agree, that two ladders would indeed probably be the best: that way everyone’s happy. I don’t quite buy the “we don’t want to split the community” argument… RoC and TFT didn’t split the community. People could (or should be able to) still play the Reforged’s “Progressive” ladder with the old graphics, if that’s what they want. Most people are going to buy and play Reforged anyway, so Classic would (should) stay just for the purists. They are just making everyone half-satisfied with compromises that would add something new that purists don’t like and leave out something the “progressive players” would like to have.