Map .making before the 31st?

Anyway you could give preorders the map editor before the 31st so we can start to create new maps?

just getting to know a little more about the planed additions to world editor would be amazing already

There will be a major patch for Warcraft 3 and we will get our hands on the new Editor on February 2019.

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I thought the editor comes out the same time as reforge 2 months is a bit 2 long

He said Feb 2019 reforged wont come out until Nov 2019 by the latest. you will have the editor 8-9 months in advance before Reforged


Yea awesome. Am mega keen to see a hopefully improved editor… game variants so like sc2 players can choose things in the lobby.

Are you sure about February 2019? I mean, where you get this information?

It was mentioned in one of the interviews. Can’t really remember which one exactly, but it’s listed here in my other thread: [Compilation] ALL we know so far!

So does that mean that if you are currently working on a map, you should wait for the new editor to come out? And since classic and reforged use the same engine does that mean we can already create and add new models in updated graphics to our old maps by February 19? Also how will old mods transition into reforge? How much of coding needs to be rewritten?

During the Blizzcon panel they said old custom games/maps will be able to be converted to Reforged as long as they use the stock in-game assets. They talk about it about 29 minutes into the panel.

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Yes. Like CroNo said, everything should just upload to the updated Editor and update the graphics and everything automatically. So, there’s actually no reason to stop developing maps currently under work. I am working on mine too. What you might want to hold back is making your own models.

So will the improved graphics be available in the editor released in February or not?

That we don’t know. But at least we’re getting the new features. Though, I don’t think it would impossible to get our hands on the new graphics too, because then people could also start making the new models for their custom maps too. But really we can just sit and wait for now.