Map are getting Broken

Hey Team,
i need support after the 1.32 verison, the Techtree requiremnt not working properly anymore.
you cant have an ability with passive on it, it will auto-use it.
do you got any solution for it?

It seems to work for me. Can you be more specific? Are you using World Editor? Check tech tree requirements in object editor.


Some of the older maps may trigger issues resulting in not working properly or crashing, others have issues with HD graphics on. You may wish to try playing with Classic graphic option toggled under video settings. Even if this does help, make sure to bug report the exact map name on our bug report forums Here.

Thank you!

this has nothing to do with old map.

you can open a new map and put on the Techtree-Require 3 different type of units and it will work even if you not got 1 of them.
its a new bug that started at 1.32.

This is the tech support board, they are going to give you standard troubleshooting steps, or tell you to report a bug. It isn’t their job to find and fix bugs.

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