Make Dota as an isolated new game!


What do you think about Dota 1 with all the Heroes as a new game, which can be launched at battlenet?
They would not be bound to functions from WC3?
Or as a DLC so you can use your earned skins. I would like to see a balanced game with an easy shop?
They could outperform other MOBA games easily.


It’s called DotA2
(Or League of Legends)

Or most importantly: Heroes of the Storm.

Blizzard kind of missed their shot at this… which is sad, because Heroes of the Storm is imho the best of the genre.


the dota is not bad in War3r.
and Moba is platformer. dota1 can be better & more open in the war3r if Blizzard want to do.


Im gonna play the sh*t out of the new dota.


Its better to keep dota reforged as a custom game, so that way it doesnt get ruined by old people in suits trying to “expand” the player base by adding nonsense.


What I don’t like about HotS is that you have to buy new heroes.
You keep away new players with this micro transactions.
I think thats the biggest problem.

DotA 2 and LoL are dominating games of eSports.
If you want the original DotA to compete with them, it should be a professionaly supported new game.
And I think Lol and DotA 2 would loose many players.


The ship has sailed on that. The other two have critical mass and the Heroes player base that remains is quite dedicated.
Producing a new competitor at this stage would just cannibalise Heroes and then also flop.


Why does everything have to be esports? 99.9% of players are not pros and just play to have fun. I want it to be competitive… which it will, but I dont think it needs any forced esports like many games now days get.

let those games battle it out in the “pro scene” while people who are fed up with league and dota 2 nonsense wlll come play dota refordged.


I think with eSports its a question for the future.
In Asia you have pro players who are regarded like a pro football player in the west. In the West it goes in the same direction.
The new generation has fun watching esports live.
And as you have more players, you can invest more into the game.
It would be nice if DotA in WC3R would have an professional support for a few years.
Maybe also with new Heroes from WoW.


You do realise DotA has nothing to do with WoW right?
It’s a completely different IP that’s now even owned by a different company.
The classic Warcraft version still exists but even back in the mid 2000s, DotA was an entirely separate entity with it’s own vaguely/barely defined lore.

Blizzard could now get sued if they tried to do anything with the DotA license.