MAC: asking for CD key after update


I’ve purchased WC3 Reforged and recently updated to the most recent patch. I updated using the ‘Warcraft III Launcher’ file. I then tried to launch the game and it immediately prompts me to input my ROC cd keys. I do not have any cd keys as I purchased my copy of Reforged online. My buddy also had this problem but had CD keys from when he purchased the game years ago.

Is anyone else having this problem and is there a work around? Much appreciated.

Instant access to classic Warcraft® III (Reign of Chaos® and The Frozen Throne®)

Is there no prompt to choose to either input the CD keys or log into Battle.Net?


i was initially prompted for that but then updated. since the update there is no option to login to, only a window pops up with my username and an input space for ROC cd key


I can confirm this issue exists. I tried updating the MAC version of this game for a friend and it started asking him for a CD-key. Bugged.


Experiencing this issue as well. Please fix, i would like to play my game


I opened a ticket with Blizzard and they gave me a key. This solved the problem, hopefully they can help you all out too!


you should be able to find it on your profile. you can look there for the cd-key.


Just bough Reforged, but mostly just to get access to the classic version and then I ran into this. Hopefully a new installer or patch will fix this soon.

Edit: Wrote to support and suddenly I have a key on my account page. Not sure if there was just a delay between the purchase and it showing up or if it was something the support staff did.


Same issue here (mac user, bought reforged). The prompt asks for Reign of Chaos CD-key (no account). On my blizzard account I have only TFT CD-key displayed, which doesn’t work when I try to use it. So I can’t play the game. Blizzard please advise what to do.


on your account, each version of the game should be located separately. look for reign of chaos to find its cd-key.


I also opened a ticket with blizzard. They said they are aware of the issue and are working to fix it. They provided me with a key so I can play while they are fixing the issue. No guarantees, but I think if you open a ticket and explain the issue, they can give you a CD Key as well. I think you need to open a ticket to get the key because there’s no way for them to know who is experiencing the issue unless you notify them.

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