Low Menu FPS on Start + Other Problems [Mac]

The first two problems only started happening to me recently; they didn’t happen to me a couple of weeks ago.

When I open the game, the FPS on the menu is terrible, maybe 3 FPS. I can fix this by changing my resolution (1440p@59) and then discarding the changes. Before I do that, it looks like my resolution is being set automatically to the highest one, though it does not show that in the settings. It shows 1440p@59, but it looks much sharper.

Also a new problem, whenever I cmd+Tab out of the game and come back, the window takes up 3/4 of my screen, with the top and the right edges becoming black empty space. This is followed by a dramatic FPS drop. This can stack, meaning if I cmd+Tab again, it takes up 1/2 my screen, with larger empty space in the top-right corner of my screen and accompanying sides. This can be fixed by changing my resolution and discarding the changes, like the problem above.

An older problem: in the Versus menu, I do not have a moving picture for the Orc screen. The rest of the screens work fine. When I choose Orc, I only see an empty, black background.

its 10 fps and it’s mentioned on several threads already. it happens to all players even on pc when the display resolution is equal or higher than 1440p. and no, playing in windowed mode on a display with 1440p doesn’t change the menu performance because the display resolution is still unchanged.

This is currently a known issue for MacOS. Our team is awaiting on new tech to address the low performance issues on the Menu. Thanks for sharing a workaround that seems to help with this issue in the mean time!

It may help to try setting the game to open in a lower resolution. On the first launch, it should generally launch at the systems default resolution, but it should save the changes when it’s done so in-game. If it’s not saving any of the settings, there might be a problem with the permissions and the game. Does the same behavior happen on a New Admin account?

I think this might be relevant to the resolution issues mentioned above. It may be trying to use the default resolution, but with it being set to a specific resolution, it causes the black border issues. This generally should not happen, though.

Now, this is just a bit weird. There aren’t any known issues with this specifically, but there are a few resolution issues that our team is looking into. Some of these are specific to Big Sur. With it being fairly new, it might’ve been a patch or hotfix and something our team would need to look into. I’d recommend to Bug Report this over with the MacOS version to our team so they can take a look at this issue and try to replicate the problem.

There are some versus screen issues, but most of this appears to be with the MMR or placements. I couldn’t find any specific for this situation. It sounds like there may be some graphical issues that we’ll want to check out.

Under About this Mac, could you include the Mac model, MacOS version, Processor, and Graphics?

Thanks for the response! I played around with a New Admin account, here’s what I found:

The resolution settings were still not saved when I made a New Admin account. The menu FPS was still very low until I did my fix (change resolution, discard changes) under the new account. So I had to do this every time I closed and opened the game again, like normal.

The cmd+Tab issue is strange. I learned that it does not happen if I don’t change my resolution. So, if I open the game, I will experience the menu FPS lag (and the resolution that seems to be the default resolution, not my saved 1400p@59 in Settings), but if I cmd+Tab out of it and back, I don’t experience the small window/black bars issue. However, if I do my fix for the menu lag, where I change the resolution and discard the changes, and cmd+Tab after that, I experience the window issue.

Here is my Mac information:
Mac Model: MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019)
MacOS Version: MacOS Catalina Version 10.15.6 (19G73)
Processor: 2.4 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9
Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB

Thank you for the details, RickJames! That’s interesting that the workaround for the menu lag seems to be what’s causing the black bars issue.

This does sound like it’s a bug that our team will need to look into. It may be a side affect of some of the menu lag issues that our team is awaiting on the new tech for. As a potential workaround, windowed mode (CMD + M) may help with the resolution issue and the black bars issue.

I’m not sure there’s much that technical support can recommend from here, unless you’re having issues with other settings or window mode from saving the settings as well. If you do experience issues with other settings saving properly, let me know! The specs all look fine, though. If it’s anything like the windows menu lag, the primary menu issues have been with intel graphics.

I’ll get this added to our tracking for the menu lag to keep record. In case, we find any other Mac users experiencing similar problems or our team can replicate the issue on their end.

Thanks Caterpepi for your quick replies, have a good rest of your weekend!

Just a bump that this is still an issue over 3 years later. I assume this is just never going to be fixed at this point?

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Macbook M3 Pro - still the same issue.

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