Lobby and menu lag (Mac)

I can’t seem to find the topic regarding Lobby and menu lag on the Mac. I hope I’m not repeating someone post.

I just recently purchased Warcraft reforged for my Mac running Mac OS Ventura and the lobby and all the menus is extremely laggy with very low FPS. Is anyone having the same issue or is this a Mac related issue? While playing the game it run very smooth and fast, I have all the settings maxed. Blizzard please look into this as the menu is very unresponsive.

Running Warcraft reforged on my Mac Studio M2 ultra.

Thank you!!

Please list your system specs, particularly your CPU, graphics hardware and driver version.

The menus are a high performance drain, this isn’t all that specific to macOS. you definitely do need more than what makes the game playable for the menus to be smooth.

The menu system is chromium based. Do you have any issues with any other games that use this system, or with the Chrome browser or other browsers based on it?


My Mac system is running M2 Ultra 24 cores CPU and 60 cores GPU with 64GB memory and 2TB storage.
Im on Ventura 13.5.1
I’m not sure what other games run on chrome base browser as menu interface.

Just curious why blizzard would design Warcraft reforged menu / lobby in chrome menu?

This is quite common, as the chromium engine is powerful and useful for 2D applications. I know several games that make use of it. You’re not using the browser per se, just the rendering engine. This has several advantages, not the least of which is it makes things easy to change and update (and also, easy to mod for hobbyists, this is how war3champions came to be). It also allows content developed with it to be more dynamic. Interfaces in many other games would require a patch to change things like promotional materials, advertisments, and shop contents, whereas such things might be changeable without a client update. Using chromium allowed them to spend less time on UI redevelopment- and this was pretty essential at getting war3R to be playable at all given how Activision kept taking money away from the project.

I guess war3’s UI elements aren’t that optimized or something, as it wasn’t until I updated my CPU and GPU to be quite recent did I get the menus performing perfectly. So your situation doesn’t surprise me, but I don’t know how our systems compare performance wise. But there probably isn’t much you can do about the menus being choppy.

Unfortunately I know little of Apple Silicon based systems or what other CPUs they compare in performance to.

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