Leave devs alone

Your wrong, they got paid whilst we paid. Your the very definition of whats wrong in this world.

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You do realise that nearly everyone here is directing their anger at the company and not individuals right?

and that nearly all of us know this was a funding and staffing issue right which is not the devs fault?

Like seriously stop assuming that all this anger is directed at the dev team its not they just did what they could with what they had and the apology probably wasn’t even written by them or at least they had to conform to whatever the PR department demanded they do in order to save face on some level funny thing is they aren’t trying to save face to us but rather investors.

People like their CEO Bobby Kotick to blame. If you Google him he’s a piece of work. Laid off 800 Blizzard staff last year despite record earnings and salary boosts (likely exec, he earns 30 million himself). One can imagine the type of project funding he gives.

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OMG! I didn’t realize Blizzard was employing children as developers!

That explains so much!

Isn’t that illegal though? (even worse than false advertising)

I think that’s right, leave devs alone. It’s the management people that we should blame!

No, they dont feel horrible, guilty or depressed because they said:

They are very excited and thats why they did not apologize or admit anything.
But no worry dear community they will apologize(if you want an apologize from them you have to buy a ticket and go to Blizzcon, apologies are exclusive only at Blizzcon!)


While they did not take the big decisions, they were the ones who did this mess and have to fix it. They’re at fault as well.

The catch is, developers don’t get a say on design or vision - that’s a production-level set of decisions, as pointed out earlier; heck, the decision to publish the game largely unfixed can be made, regardless of dev. pushback.

Additionally, devs may not necessarily be aware of the various stuff that falls outside of the game area they’re assigned to. They don’t necessarily even get to play-test the product at all, throughout development; that normally falls on the QA department, instead (but QA is paid to report bugs, not feelings, so you can probably see where I’m going with this).

Someone brought up resigning under such circumstances, I don’t believe that quitting your job and spending your time seeking employment again is the answer to this kind of problems - no, the solution to bad calls being made at decision-making levels is for bad calls to, err… not be made. And how does that happen? Simply put: through results. It can take years, but refunding (or simply not buying) bad games and buying good ones can indeed lead to change. Consider how long it took for a certain publisher to see the light and change their “single player is dead” mantra - it took forever… but it changed.

Leave Britney alone…?

Cant they employ someone who know what he is doing? For example from Valve or RIOT company, they are doing good with their MOBAs for example?

And they can make matchmaking lol

i think devs are OK. they dont even care about this whining situation everyone spreading around. in my opinion they just get few ppl whats good and whats wrong about warcraft made point statements made roadmap where game shouold be or what way it should go. and working on it who whould even lsiten to this hate speech forums anyway a normal person who want the job done dont go on forums like this to see how many people are cying here. Seems legit like this need t obe rpaier job is don and thats it in the end everyone is happy. but humanity… people will allways complain and cry about something get used to it

You can blame Actiblizz for that. They probably cut funding when they saw low preorder numbers.

“Look, I know they promised you a hamburger, and gave you a steaming pile of stink mud on a plate… but leave them alone! They feel things! You meanie for complaining!”



If you enter a shop serving burgers and the manager told the staff to go and take a **** on every burger sold, Do you only blame the manager or also the staff who agreed to do so and did the act ?

Developers could easily jump to another company as their skills are highly requested so in no way did they not know that and they are on the credits as well something which if they truly felt shame they would request to be removed from it…

You’re suppose to make a video saying this while you cry histerically and hug a pillow.

At least you’ll know better for next time

I hope you will wake up one day from this…

i dont know about that… they did this to us knowingly and they arent sorry, they are outright banning people for wanting refunds!!! they are practically ROBBING people not to mention the false advertisement we were given. if anything blizzard needs to be sued so theyll wake the hell up

No they’re in this situation because they failed. They failed hard and it’s becoming an everyday thing for developers and the excuses people like you make only enables more terrible unfinished work.

Leave Asia alone they just got payed half of the cost to make a good game

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