Leaks! Should we be discussing them?


I’ve been dying for news, any kind of news from blizzard really.
And after nearly a full year of nothing the only news we can get is a bunch of data mined screen-caps.

So, with that in mind, is it right to be discussing models and resources that weren’t actually released by blizzard?


We’re like bunch of wild beasts waiting for any scraps of information, so you know what they say ‘‘you gotta work with what you have’’. :smiley:

And the leaked models are done by blizz, just probably not in the final state.


Yes, we should talk about them. I think it helps add to the excitement.


Has anything ever stopped us talking about leaked stuff before?

We talked about the Night Elf and Dark Ranger stuff going up early, I don’t see why the Beta is any different.


no, posting leaks breaks the rules.


If you’re talking about forum rules, it actually does not break any rules. There are no stipulations against leaks.


i have read the rules and yes: posting leaks is forbidden.


Could you provide a link or a source? I’m not finding it in the rules listed on these forums.




You didn’t link to the actual part that says it is against the rules:


Posting Unreleased Content / Hacking Data Files

This category includes language and/or links to websites containing such language or images which:

  • Show unreleased in-game items, equipment, or areas that have been unlocked by hacking into client data files
  • Show the results of hacking or any tampering of the game’s MPQ files
  • Discuss, or display any data not available through normal game play

If a player is found to have participated in such actions, he/she will:

  • Be permanently banned from the forums


sorry, i was in a hurry.


As long as people don’t post (or ^discuss)[edit] the images on forums here they’re safe (so I guess, be a good supporter and wait patiently)[edit] . As for discussion, feedbacks and responses could help developers if something was majorly upsetting. However since the leaks are anonymous and unofficial, we don’t know how old these leaks are, so perhaps our feedbacks are late/pointless. Blizzard may/may not want outside opinions, but it doesn’t hurt to let people express themselves once in a while.


Game looks good I rly like the pitlords and rly dissapointed in the naga because they butchered naga royal guard.


I disagree, I think the Royal Guard (Especially the mugshot when you have one selected) looks glorious.


The WoW forums talk about data-mining all the time and Blizzard gave up on enforcing it maybe a couple months in to vanilla. I think they won’t mind unless you are posting direct links or something. I am new to these specific forums so I am not sure if they are more authoritarian here when it comes to enforcing technicalities, I’m just saying going by past trends.


they do mind but, they are too busy to have the time. you should still not break the rules. they might ban you for no reason. they gave me a one hour ban when they closed the original starcraft 2 forums.


Yeah we should!

Even though there is a strong possibily that these arent the final versions, some of them may already be replaced for all I know, I think it is still the best way to contribute in making a good game to let the Blizz guys know what DO WE WANT and what WE DO NOT WANT.


no, you should not. a topic on this forum with massive amounts of leaked content ended up deleted. i tried to access it later and got a 404 error.


What’s the point of making such topics when videos on YouTube get hundreds of thousands of views?

Or was it a topic from the time when such videos had yet been to be created?


the topic linked to videoes on youtube.