Lead Producer Pete Stilwell said:

I imagine they take out all the basics that the W3 already had and announce a free DLC.
But that forces you to buy reforged to have it.

And there Sass. Double the price of Reforgod.

That’s a bit disheartening. The pathing system can be improved a lot. It just feels bad now. With Reforged you have these modern graphics and this extremely outdated system, that sticks out like a sore thumb. But they are essentially saying “we’ll keep it clunky, cuz it’s part of the game’s identity” :frowning:

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Where did you read this?

some redditor claiming to be part of LemonSky posted and it was deleted. wait lemme find the archive

edit: https://www.reddit.com/r/warcraft3/comments/exb0v4/hey_guys_we_work_at_lemon_sky_studios_the_studio/ lemme just find the archive

Here’s what I see from that quote (lol):

“It’s important to us to first get the existing community, and then to appeal to more people. You guys who are in this room, that’s never left this game don’t want to see us change it so drastically that you don’t recognize it anymore. That’s our first mission, to make sure that you guys give us a thumbs up when it ships.”

Convo Continued (imho):

“…In conclusion, any new people or people returning or people that have left, but have loved the game; if you took one step outside that room; if you uninstalled and reinstalled once or twice, or purchased and refunded and purchased again, or any other combination of stepping outside that room, then you can go to heck! WE DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU!”


did read what ? that pete stilwell is fired. on a bunch of game forums, facebook posts, twitter, etc. But its never confirmed…

I also feel like kaivax is the only person working on reforged right now. Even if he is community manager.


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bad patch ever

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it’s about that time to revive this thread again.

Why, exactly?
I don’t think anyone has forgotten about what happened, and I can’t stress this enough, it wasn’t the dev team’s failiure when it comes to the game, it was Activsion, who defunded them and stopped providing developer support, forcing the team to cut staff and constantly do more with less.

Plenty of new threads have been made to vent anger and moan about how the company screwed up. Go post in some of those.