Just Remember What We Could Have Had

Friendly reminder to everyone currently going through the campaign to remember the initial promises.

As you sit through jarring, fanmade-quality cutscenes featuring the same trigger scripts with “shiny new models,” remember the initial Culling of Stratholme intro.

Every time you see something out of place in the missions themselves, just remember that Blizzard had the opportunity to fix it, but chose not to in order to appease some imagined majority.

Every time you see bright terrain crashing with water, mind boggling lighting, and all the rest, remember that the game has been downgraded since the Demo.

I was a massive fan of WCIII, I continued playing the game for years after it had died down. I was extraordinarily hyped when it was initially announced, and after a year of radio silence and increasingly worrying tidbits of information, upon finally seeing the “finished product,” I am entirely deflated.

P.S. For any of the usual suspects, make sure you change your Copy Paste responses from “It’s just beta,” to “They said they’re going to patch aggressively.” I wouldn’t want you guys to look any dumber than you already do.


this is fraud


cash grab fraud tactics to rake in cash from a LOYAL fanbase


Im so dissapointed. Im ever missing the trees from 2018 demo, that moves with the wind. So lame that they cut all off


it is not about any majority but low preorder sales and budget


Of course you’re unhappy. No one expected any different from the Warcraft fanbase. Now wallow in it while we enjoy ourselves.

“I’m okay because I went in expecting less than what was originally announced, so that makes cut content, and a sloppy, unfinished product perfectly acceptable.”

Literally shut up, everyone has had to put up with whiteknight bullshit all beta, nobody cares, you were wrong. Great job throwing in that “we” there, while speaking from the clear minority position btw.


Whose we? I see lots of people who were defending the game really disappointed with it. I mean, the camp that wanted redone scenes and better visuals(And weren’t begging for oversaturated cartoon clash of clans shit) are at complete odds with the “purist” group.
The purists were never going to be happy with anything but the original game(Which they now can’t really play as it was ) and in the meantime they sacrificed the qualities that those of us who might have actually liked the game to appease them.-reforged campaign/cutscenes/updated visuals with a fresh artstyle/etc-(Or, that’s what they say, I’m sure it was just budget/time constraints and the purists are an easy scapegoat.)

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Nah. Just gonna keep playing my working game. Like the thousands of silent others.

we are so mad!
look at how made we are!
Bliz we are really showing you!
did you see how mad we got?

From new article:
One of the big pieces of feedback from the reveal was that the art style look sort of mishmashed from the new HD character models and how other parts of the game stayed old. What’s your reaction to that, and have you updated the game now for its final release?

When we went to BlizzCon with the demo, we wanted to get feedback and first impressions. It was very work in progress. I think every single thing we showed at BlizzCon has undergone some iteration and that’s natural. One of the things that we were having difficulties with at that point was the lighting. We had overblown it and that’s why there’s these really stark shadows.

If you saw the entirety of the game, you’d realise that really bright light works well on Lordaeron Summer, but as soon as you start getting into the caves or all these other tilesets that are important parts of this game, you find out quickly that it doesn’t work. Once we figured out those values and level set, the most important thing at this point is if you put the original colours of the original tilesets next to the new ones, they match. They’re very in concert in the right way, in that it’s got higher fidelity and it looks great and it’s benefitting from these new systems we brought in with physically based rendering. It is not exactly what we showed that very first time, but most of us in the community and on the team agree that it’s where it should be to be Warcraft III.

Nah. Just gonna keep playing my working game. Like the thousands of silent others.

you’re on the forums instead


Why did they remove visual assets and improvements from the game they ALREADY had made?


I was playing warcraft 3 classic yesterday. I made a couple of custom games, some classic gameplay and some custom. It was fun as usual as it always is even after 10 years. But man this new patch is true disapointment. Just make 2 games REFORGED and CLASSIC. I hate reforged, the units portraits have no life, the game units are hard to see in huge crowds, some units are really ugly in their updated/reforged form (paladin, inferno, keeper, etc). To be honest I think warcraft 3 classsic is much better looking and much more fun to play. The fact that they force everyone to download reforged files makes no sense. The new classic warcraft 3 inside the reforged is laggy and worst looking than the real one.

I really hope, that this is not the finished game. I love the Story of Warcraft and followed the Story of WoW, even though i don’t like this type of game. I loved WCIII and as i heard of the Remake of it, i hoped, that they will give the old Warcraft Fans new cutscences and a modern way of enjoying the Warcraft Story.

At this moment, i played to the End of the Human campaign. And Yes, some things are added to the Story, that i really liked, but i can’t find cutscence in the quality of new blizzard games.

I really hope, that you underestimate the work of this project and only released it, because you were already late and give us new content with updates