"It's just review bombing"

At very beginning this suppose to bring WC3 back again.

But things turned like Nostalrius forced to play ‘official’ WoW Classic servers now.
Hm. WC3 classic owners doesnt stole it but forced to buy AND play WC3R. Only one way.
New blizz politics doesnt feel right with all of this ‘banned footage’ crap.
Copyrights, copylefts.

0/10 is fair, not only for game , for all Blizz did this days.

Because user reviews, at the end of the day, reflect something.

Does it mean much if the developers ignore it? No.

Does it cost anything? Yes. Just look how people’s voices forced Blizzard to
refund people without question just now. It’s very unusual of them.

It looks like we have a very opposing view, so I rest my case and won’t reply any further.


They reflect something, I agree.

That something is a bunch of emotionally-invested, frustrated and disappointed hardcore fans.

A 0/10 is equivalent of ‘outrage culture’. It is a vote of no confidence. It is a means to bring the score as low as possible. It is review bombing.

Final stop.

So basically, bend over and take it? Pass.

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So basically, bend over and take it? Pass.

Yes, I don’t believe there is any alternative for any blizzard fan. The only way out is to stop being a fan.

Hunh, look at that. They’re listening.

They’ve been announcing fixes since the 29th of Jan.

It’s already on Matt Morris’ twitter.

This statement simply reiterates the fixes that they’re already working on.

But let’s be clear - they’re not actually addressing the crux of complaints here that are beyond ‘the game doesn’t work for me 0/10’

The big things like the ‘false advertisement’ is not being addressed, it’s openly stating their intention to stick with the current campaign. Same with the graphics. They’re not going back on the TOS/EULA.

They’re going to make Reforged functional. And for that, we already know they were doing that since last week.

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That’s not how reviews are supposed to work though.

It’s not supposed to be a platform to cry about how butt-hurt you are.

It’s about to discuss the good and the bad of the game to determine it’s worth in consumer consumption.

Admittedly, it is trickier to review a game like this because it’s status as a remake essentially makes it impossible not to compare it to the original. As a reviewer you have to find a balance between reviewing the game on its own merits (which is arguably very out dated now) and comparing it to the original (in which this is an inferior product in terms of multiplayer, but a superior one in terms of single player campaign).

I would agree, but your argument depends on the situation imho. If it was very split on the thoughts of the game, then i think a lot more people would say what you’re saying, but due to it being the VAST majority saying it’s bad, someone looking in isn’t going to just pin it down to ‘outrage’

Why? because not are people only seeing the poor reviews, there hearing it from news outlets gaming and none gaming, they’re hearing it from youtubers, streamers, friends, forums, Reddit, etc. I think it gets to a certain point people will go,“okay, this is actually bad” when so many outlets are saying the same thing.

imho time will tell, I’m sure many people thought nothing happen when it came to Bethesda, but they completely lost the good will of their fans and the gaming community. Blizzard is walking down that same road.


These are not “game is broken”.

I did think the EULA was a lost cause (and not that big a deal)

Original game starts at a 8 or 9. Tame off 5 points (crazy amount) you get a 3 or 5. Game not close to a 0.

I’m glad you are all so passionate but you are all also blind.

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Color and shader issue is regarding ‘from the original Warcraft III’ which means it’s a fix to SD assets; namely the color disparity that was known about during beta and made it to release.

‘other features’ is ambiguous. Like I said, some of these were covered on Twitter, and we know ‘Custom Campaign’ mode is being added in, with them also acknowledging that people liked the 2018 UI. There is no clarity in this update on what features are and are not being considered.

These were things already mentioned prior to the recent metacritic news.


There are two parts to this though.

1- The game isn’t really as bad as people are making it out to be. Yes, it IS bad, but for the most part, it is playable. Perhaps not completely functional right now, but it can be played.

2- The reaction of 0/10 review scores is not proportional to the actual reviews. People can justify their score based on credible reasoning, but if anyone knows Reforged as a functional remake that has plenty of bugs and missing features, then reasonably the 0/10 reviews can be easily deemed outrage. 0/10 reviews are not reflective of the actual product, rather they are specifically targetting the current state of the remake.

There is context here, and that’s the ‘63%’ of critic scores too. If there is such a huge disparity between the critic scores and the user scores, then it’s not as simple as taking users word on the basis that there’s thousands of more reviews. If it’s really that bad why aren’t critics also giving 0/10’s? Does this help make user scores seem more credible?

Also with Bethesda - They lost goodwill, sure. But I bet you Doom Eternal will still sell very well despite whatever good will was lost through their other games. And that’s sort of my point here - reviews of Fallout 76 didn’t exactly go towards having Bethesda make Doom Eternal a better game, and it likely won’t keep players away from buying it either. It may for some, but I doubt it would make a large impact overall.

Same can be said of EA. They were steeped in controversy over Battlefront 2, yet Fallen Order seems to be doing fine. And I don’t think it’s because EA turned a new leaf, even if lootboxes were at the center of the issue. They ‘listened’ as far as not making another Multiplayer Star Wars experience :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Actually my friend a 0/10 is perfectly legit. I’m not reviewing reforged as a total package which includes TFT. I’m reviewing what it added AND most importantly what it TOOK from this game. Especially as a classic player that didn’t even pay 30 dollars for this piece of crap. If I could give it a NEGATIVE score, I would.


its the only way to get their attention these days


You are childish. The new models look amazing and thats at least a 2/10 considering it was supposed to just be a reskin like scrm

No, it’s not being childish. Because I have zero interest in paying 40 dollars for a reskin of the game. I do however place a high value on a functional ladder and mmr and that’s really all that wc3 has needed. It needed a fixed and updated system built upon what existed. What did they do? They ripped that old system out and replaced it with NOTHING.


As I’ve said in other statements here-

Whether or not you are writing a legitimate 0/10 review or not, it will not be regarded as legitimate in the context of the collective user reviews.

0/10 reviews has a stigma of being a product of outrage. Adding to that outrage will not legitimize an individual opinion; it becomes part of the collective outrage.

Let’s say you have high quality oil that you are using to start a fire. Compare to regular oil, yours will help the flame burn hotter and better. But if you are adding this oil to a blazing wildfire, then no one will be able to see your efforts; they just see the flames and avoid the whole ordeal.

That is the issue with using 0/10 score alongside any legitimate criticism. You are just lumping it in with the rest of the mess, and it becomes a part of that mess.

You know what’s funny, if you praise a movie/game/show and fanboy the **** out of it for a single factor (like it has your favorite actor or MUH CGI EFFECTS) that’s great! No, you’re not biased or being emotional in your decision.

But if you do the opposite and call a game trash for various reasons, you’re just a troll! You’re review bombing! You’re an alt-righter!

Hmm…I wonder if media outlets could have a reason to (generally) undermine criticism? NAH, I’m sure media outlets are totally objective journalists who are focused on the truth, not $$.


You know what’s funny, if you praise a movie/game/show and fanboy the **** out of it for a single factor (like it has your favorite actor or MUH CGI EFFECTS) that’s great! No, you’re not biased or being emotional in your decision.

Er, people point out fanboyism all the time, especially in movies.

Twilight comes to mind.