Issues with Warcraft 3 Servers

Hi, i just got this message pop up and can’t find a match (ranked versus 2v2) …someone else facing this issue right now? (EUW)

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no versus mode for me

same… I am able to run trace route to Europe | can’t find any games.

damn…then they are probably having some sort of maintenance again

working now

still not for me ;(

it’s not working for me…

not working here either

which region are you playing on?

“Versus mode currently unavailable please try again later” Region US

in EU its available but queue is indefinite for me

works now i got a game but very high wait times

Was fine hours ago but unable to play 4v4 matches, over 300 sec

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same, please try again later … again

i get the same message on US region but Europe/Asia it doesn’t say this but I cannot find a 1v1 game. Something is messed up :frowning:

And now the versus mode works but “Find Match” button is greyed out not selectable. Also can’t choose the game modes.

same for me, ive managed to play only one game in the span of 5 hours

No versus it wont load

Problem still persists on NA.

Option find match is grey and cant click it, after i quit it writes app encountered unexpected error