Issue with loading saved campaign files and constant disconnection to battle net server

Not sure if anyone else is having an issue but the moment i log into WC3 and im in the main menu screen, i get disconnected from the battle net server after 5-10 seconds in the main menu. I try to login again and it still says that i have been disconnected from the server. So if i want to play online, i cant. I only have the option to play offline mode.

Also, when i do play offline mode, i cant load a saved file that i had manually saved before the patch. I used to be able to load that file but now i cant any more.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Just tried to play, I also can’t load a saved game. I select the game file and hit Continue and the window closes, but I remain on the campaign selection screen.

What a disaster this has been.

That’s to be expected.

The fixes they they put in the last patch to deal with campaign issues resulted in older save files becoming invalid.

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That answers that at least. Pretty messed up though, good thing I wasn’t at an important save point.

Was there any player notification that the patch would invalidate save files?

I suspect they wouldn’t do it if they didn’t need to. It’s possible that part of the issue was making its way into the save file, thus loading would cause it to reappear. It could be that the is saved to the file was changed and attempting to load an old one would confuse/conflict with what the engine was expecting.

In the patch notes. It’s good to check for new ones occasionally and definitely if a non-hotfix patch is deplyed:


I’m having same issue. Can’t say on Bnet for more than 10 seconds. I hope they fix it ASAP

I lost a couple hours worth of gameplay in the Rexxar campaign due to this after the patch. This is probably the last straw, thanks Blizzard, great patch, ruined the game even more ;), gotta love saved games that can’t be loaded!