Is there a dedicated team working on W3?

Since the last update (patch), there have been a lot of problems which also have been reported by the users. Still nothing seems to be properly fixed. After games, it still fails to record match results. Do you have a intention to fix this? or is W3 abandoned?
if Warcraft3 is abandoned, please have a decency to let us know at least, so that we could make a decision. this is a purchased game after all.

Classic Games was shuttered in 2020 - there has not been a dedicated team since then.

Classic Games is still a thing, although it’s really just a maintenance team for SCR, SC2, and HotS and relies pretty heavily on outside help.

But Warcraft III Reforged actually got moved out of Classic Games earlier this year and is now overseen by the World of Warcraft team. They’ve been completing some of the work left behind by the previous team. There’s no direct communication from anyone working on it but they do seem to at least follow the posts made by the WC3 community and take action on newly discovered bugs. The most recent hotfix was three weeks ago.

No clue just how “dedicated” they are since resuming basic development. Blizzard has a “multiple points of entry” business strategy for their franchises right now and it seems like the Warcraft people finally remember that Reforged was being promoted as a WoW prequel. They claim there will be more work done on WC3R over the coming months and I’d assume those have more to do with fixing bugs and finishing up with features Classic Games started on rather than any new content.

There have been a lot of problems since release and it seems each patch introduces more and new patches only fix half of the new issues introduced. There is no dedicated team and if there is it is so bad nobody notice they are there.

Failing to record games is just a minor issue: it doesn’t even load profiles cross realm. If you play an game on US then your EU profile will never load. You will get 3on3 AT ranked if you play 1on1. The game is swarming with join bugs. A single packet loss can cause you to drop from a game. There is no good mute functionality in game, nor ability to see opponents races after the loading screen. Zoom poorly designed. UI is terrible: even simple tasks need a lot of clicks while often 70% of the screen is just empty besides the background image. You can have icons locked with 500/500 games played. Campaign still near impossible to play as every single map is swarmed with bugs, hiccups and a myriad of issues: units may appear invisible, doodads can be cubes, spells might be bright geen squares all over. Leaderboard pages layout get messed up when you reach page 100. Not that you ever get there: there is no search functionality. Map vetoes reset at seemingly random times. Sometimes a building may appear out of the fog for one player, but not for another. MMR often shows as minus 1, or as no games played at all. Your placement matches go to all losses when your team composition changes. An unexpected error occurs every single time you close the game. Some maps still drop rings +2. Pathing calculations have been altered causing units to be unable to leave there base if the nearest opening is about half a screen away. Creeps don’t fall back to sleep at seemingly random times for no good reason. EU players vs EU players get put on USA server in about 80% of the cases. Chat channels all labelled W3 General despite not all being W3 General, but no suffix number appears. Illusions can’t show female DK/DH. Sometimes heroes hidden with cloaks may be attacked and damaged well after set up time for invisibility has passed. The game generates a true labyrinth of folder locations to put down its maps, lol. If you staff an unit while a critical strike from a blade goes off, the critical strike attack animation will be its default attack animation. Units sometimes may not show an attack animation. Shift clicking workers on lumber stops them from gathering lumber when they obtain 5, rather than 10. Phoenix may cause screen to flicker orange in classic graphic settings. Units may randomly pop out of surrounds or narrow spaces. Reinstalling the game will cause all campaign progress and icons to be lost. Chat often overlaps with game description in custom games. Division naming is ambiguous as hell. Sometimes a specific tree cannot be clicked. Often in menu’s escape button doesn’t function as a cancel. Replays may show illusions as actual units regardless of player selected.

Just to name a few, this does not even scratch the surface. Unfortunately it seems that the situations for custom games is far worse than for regular ladder games.

But hey, what can we expected. The solution for a joinbug was to simply code an if error; then: requeue. Big brain time. Much wow.

Curious if there are different errors depending on how key was obtained (WC3 CD bought before reforged or WC3 reforged key). Think WC3 worked best as a stand alone client without the battlenet launcher. Thing is they probably don’t make alot of money on WC3 and thus it’s not a prio. A shame such a gem is treated this way. Then again Blizzard aint what it used to be. Support seems to do what they can do so guess it’s not their fault their employer seemingly destroys the brand and its games on purpose.

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