Is the size of custom map still limited to 128MB or bigger?

Can anybody tell me that?

I think it is 256MB now.

think it is still 8 megabytes actually. that was the last update i saw on it at the very least. was 4 before so, it is twice the space.

It is at least 128MB if not 256MB. The issue is the patch notes documenting the change have been removed/lost for some reason. In any case feel free to try it out yourself and see.

i have read all patch notes and the only change present in the patch notes is a change from 4 to 8.

In any case feel free to try it out yourself and see. You will find the limit is at least 128MB, even if no patch notes mention it.

I know for a fact that patch notes did mention the change to 128MB. The issue is that those notes are no longer available as the only copy was on the Blizzard forums which have been removed.

i do not know where the rumor of 128 megabytes came from but, it is just that, a rumor.

The limit is slightly over 256MB. I recall it being around 270MB. This was never mentioned in any patch notes.

then how do you know of it?

Through testing? Anyone who owns Warcraft III can test it and see for themselves.

Either that or one of the developers mentioned it on Discord or in a reply on a forum.

i will keep to official size limitations. better be on the right side of the law.

Which is 256MB.

To quote Kam, who works for Blizzard.

It’s been 256 for some time - we missed the change in our patch notes.

that was a post on the hive workshop which is one of the biggest sites for warcraft 3 hacks. i have never used warcraft 3 hacks and i am not going to either.

Does not matter if THW deals with hacks or not, as what I linked is an official Blizzard post talking about an official version of Warcraft III.

There was meant to be a note in one of the offical patches that 256 MB maps are now supported but due to an oversight it was never included. Instead it was mentioned in a follow up post by Kam, which I linked above.

You wanting to or not wanting to use hacks does not matter since this referenced post is made by Kam referencing a change made by Blizzard with one of the recent patches.

blizzard does not allow the use of hacks. better stay on the right side of the law.

Hacks have nothing to do with this topic or what was posted within as the latest official patch allows 256 MB maps, as Kam of Blizzard has said.

This has nothing to do with hacks and so I recommend not discussing them in this topic.

you brought up a hack site like the hive workshop and suggested using one of their hacks. i just refused to use hacks.

I did not suggest the use of any hacks, neither do I particularly support doing so. If I did then feel free to quote where I said and I will eagerly apologize as well as correct the statement.

In any case as Kam has stated in the above linked post, the maximum map size of modern official versions of Warcraft III is 256MB.