Is the Button within WC3 client disabled for anyone else today?


I’ve been playing wc3 classic everyday for the past few months and today for the first time the “Battlenet” Button which typically takes 2-3 seconds to light up after my client loads will not light up today. My network connect is working for all my other services. Anyone else seeing this right now?

UPDATE: Seems fixed now. I was able to connect to BNET and play a game.


Yep, you’re not the only one. Same here, it’s greyed out. Tried restarting, still greyed.


+1, greyed out Battlenet button


oh good it’s not just me then yeehaw


yeah, i have the same problem


me too… it won’t load. are they going to respond?


Hey there friends,

I have made a tracking report for this but it may have been resolved already. As long as The Frozen throne is selected, should be an option. :slight_smile:

Please let me know if still unable to get online.