Is the balance of Human vs Night elf playable?

In the recent TP cup group B matches, there were TH000 vs Moon, Sok vs Remind twice , Sok vs Moon, and Th000 vs Remind. Without doubt, two NE players went into the next stage.

It just shows how unbalanced between the two races. With Spring wells, KeeperoG or other NE heroes can gain super big advantage at early stage. And peasants of human are just experience pool of them. KoG just one wrap, one kill. While AM has to chase a long way to kill one unit of NE. At late stage, Deruy of NE is unbeatable considering the pool breakers/rifle army of human.

What’s the point for even some NE player (Remind) out of Top 5 can win top 1 human (Sok) so easily? Although Human has two mines and NE only has one in the game? I am very sure Human players out of Top 5 can never beat even Top 3 NE player in a formal match since the last balance patch.

Win percents across the board are fairly even:

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50% players in the statistics are under 1300 mmr, which means they almost don’t know how to play. What the point for balance between them? It can also happen that 1100 MMR Human has 1200 MMR NE players’ skill but can only stay at the lower range.

And not all the players play their best at W3Champion (they do so only in formal matches). So it’s only meaningful to check the Professional players winning rate at formal matches:

Just look at how many NE players there are in the statistics. Players are smart. These playing NE are still playing but these playing humans are quitting the game.

The number of people playing each race is not a good indicator of anything. As noted, there is not a substantial disparity in win rates with the human matchups.

It is. Back to RoC, there were usually 5 human players in the top 8 of any match. That was because human was strong. Now, any match, 4-5 out of top 8 are usually NE, and usually 0 human because NE is IMBA

It isn’t. Win rate is the best indicator. Human is within 1% in every matchup. That’s actually a sign of good balance.

What? This sentence makes zero sense. But again: Which race is the most popular among top players, assuming that’s what you’re trying to say in that jumble of words that don’t belong next to each other, does not in any way indicate balance. The top three players on the leaderboard could all be human but human could have a poor win rate overall. the three top players using it is just a coincidence. Youhave to go far beyond just the top couple players, the top three, five, eight, ten is a tiny sample size and is meaningless by itself.

Perfect balance is impossible without making all sides identical and having mathematically identical maps and everything else. Even that’s not a guarantee, in chess for instance, despite both sides being 100% identical, one side has a greater chance of winning than the other due to turn order- an inherent flaw in the game’s design (although one that is accounted for mathematically, as the expected win rate of both sides is constant and known). The point here is that the closer each side’s win rate is to 50% in any given matchup of sides, the better the balance is- regardless of which sides the top players happen to have chosen.

It makes total sense to nerf NE. Save the game!

I dont know care about statstics because I know the game, so Il tell you that all ra ces are balanced, But Nelf is the strongest, but each race has a strength and a weakness, Humans are balanced completely, and have thje capability to beat anything. Nght Elves have the most power with unit comp. I dont see why theres a real reason to complain as if they are over powered. All races are balanced with strengths and weakness. Nothing is OP

It makes no sense and really, balance in general is not the problem leading to the game needing “saving.”

It’s not about H v N, it’s about H vs all other races. How often do you see human win a best of 3 or 5 in any matches?
The data available since the previous patch actually has human over 50% against NE at all play levels, and it’s their best matchup.

But people here are saying hu sucks against NE. ?

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Emotions tend to color balance discussions.

Let the trashies talk

Game has never been so balanced according to statistics on wchampions, but people will still rage at Blizzard.