Is my game underperforming?

Hey, I’ve been playing Warcraft 3 Reforged back and forth since the release of the Beta, but never played it that much due to the bad performance while playing with Reforged graphics, I decided to give it time in hope proper optimization will take place in the future.
Now 2 years later I returned hoping I can finally enjoy the game after I got a decent Laptop to play with (I5 10th gen, Rtx 3060).
The game does run a lot more stable than when it was launched, I played couple games on Reforged graphics and i was getting about 110 fps at the very start of the game (with normal zoom) but the framerates drastically drop to 50fps average at mid/late game and even to 40-30fps, might not sound like the most unplayable framerates but for a RTS game you do expect a good performance and for fps to not be an issue as this game is still played competitively.

Is the game performing like this for the rest of you or is my game/pc are having some issues running Warcraft on Reforged graphics ?

If anything an RTS game is among the least demanding of high frame rates.

As far as my performance, it’s about what I expect. But if FPS is a concern to you, you’re best off just using the original art which should give you considerably better performance. I’m not going to brag about the FPS i’m getting, but it’s plenty good enough to play the game. 30FPS is playable, and I’m well above that.


You may wish to double check your CPU and GPU are not overheating during play such as by running the game uncapped in FPS. You can do this by downloading, installing and running HWmonitor before you run the game minimize HWmonitor in the background. GPU throttle limit is around 93C, while CPU is generally going to throttle around 100C, if the temperatures are within 20C of this a throttle could be triggered to performance.

You may also wish to enable Vsync in the game or limit Maximum FPS to 60 to see if that helps.

Note: If you are seeing this issue in Custom games this can be expected for some maps. Some Tower Defense maps, for example, will have a lot of units on them and more the longer the game goes on, which will greatly impact the performance. In these cases playing with Classic graphics or lowering the graphic settings is recommended.

Thank you.

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