Is 21:9 supported properly?

About to build my rig in a week and haven’t played WCIII in a bit now. I’ve seen posts that say it’s supported but it’s to buggy to use. Is it patched now?

I’m not aware of ultrawide being supported. game was designed for standard widescreen.

Might be able to force the resolution, but expect camera distortion towards the edges of the screen if you can. The game UI itself will also still be located in 4:3 area for classic graphics.

That’s still true in Reforged, the only difference is you don’t get black bars.

UltraWide is supported, both in SD and HD mode, there are no black bars since 1.32 patch, If you wish I can share a screenshot, I have 21:9 too

There are black bars in Classic mode (or rather, UI colored bars…) covering the area to the left and right of the UI.

There are no black bars, you can just shut up and not judge by a google search and a video from 2018, I am playing on 21:9 for 2 years and I have not seen any black bars since 1.32, it’s completely ok

check this in imgur : /a/ddFbw17

Maybe you didn’t read past the words “black bars” but I clarified that I’m talking about the graphic they placed to cover up the screen to the left and right of the UI, which are basically just a prettier looking version of black bars.

Classic mode
Reforged mode