Instant Defeat when progressing to new missions

Whenever I complete a mission and continue to the next mission I get an instant defeat witch also comes with an extra long loading screen, I can continue on by selecting the new mission in the chapter selection. I do not lose progress. This starter after the latest patch. Also my saves before this patch dont work.

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Experienced the same issue but I am done with the game now. Hope they resolve this for you.

The saves from the old patch not working is intended functionality unfortunately. But the auto-defeat when continuing is not. Were you doing anything odd besides just playing through the missions normally? What difficulty where you on?

normal difficulty and had no change in settings since i set everything to max on launch day.

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When you open the game do you go straight to campaign, or do you go to custom games first? How often are you encountering this issue?

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Just had an instant defeat come up after completing the Lord of Outland mission (normal) and continuing into the Kil’jaeden’s command cut scene. The cut scene did not even start it just went to a defeat page. I was playing a custom game prior to playing through the Lord of Outland mission.

progressing to a new mission without looking at custom games first did not result in an instant defeat. I relaunched the game and did have instant defeats after looking at custom games.