Inconsistencies in Classic WC3 that you want to see fixed in Reforged

Of course not. I want Chris Metzen, Bill Roper and whoever else worked on the Warcraft RTS games.


I mean, Christie Golden isn’t bad, but she’s also not the official loremaster. Sean Copeland is the one who’s got Metzen’s job now, and the guy’s a total hack.

The writing’s been getting worse ever since Metzen left the company.

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like a sort of fan which can’t compare really.

I still am hoping Blizzard fixes the new “Beastmaster” model. It just doesn’t look like a proper Beastmaster. He needs more pelts or hides on his armor!

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Bump. I just saw this today.

If there was a Reforged Campaign, I’d hope to see after Andorhal, Arthas would first start at Darrowshire, then interrogate Nathanos Marris ("Where is the entrance to your girlfriend’s land, Farstrider?), then march towards Eastweald then to the Elf Gate where the last enemy base is the pre-Deatholme town.

Oh yes, I agree; change Shamans into Warlocks in Tomb of Sargeras

And I also prefer if the Draenei Elite Assassin and Saboteur in Lord of Outland used Broken models

I agree with the Dwarf Axemen, saves us the effort of having to create melee dwarf models (and it’s hard to see even which one has the actually working portraits)

my personal headcanon is that he was recaptured by Blackmoore’s second in command Karamyn Langston and I think he should appear there as a boss (well they’re characters from Lord of the Clans, a novel that predates WC3 so it’s canon)

Lord of the Clans, Of Blood and Honor, and Day of the Dragon were published before Warcraft 3 was released

The Last Guardian was published before TFT was released

Also more inconsistencies: there was a Kodo Beast in the Reforged official screenshot in the implied chapter Departures, and the doodad Gul’dan’s corpse still has his skull


This one here is slight: change Sorceresses in To Tame a Land into their High Elf versions

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Another inconsistency: the Icecrown Citadel. You know it.

And probably the ruined Lordaeron Keep since it wasn’t that ruined

Tell us more?


Even WoW fanboys agree that the Icecrown Citadel should not be here as it was made after War3.

Unless of course they will use it only for ending credits

If not made by the nerubians, indeed.

And that would be happening so much farther away into the future?

Not quite. When Arthas fell a sleep (for 5 years. Because in lore after TFT he sleep 5 years and aweke in WoTLK) during this time he give order to rebuild all Outland with fortress, Necropolis etc.

So yeah, not istantly but not even so much time.

Here’s yet another one: Blue Drakes being experimented in Dalaran

The Kirin Tor is in good relations with all the Dragonflights. There’s no good reason for them to be experimenting on their children lest they would anger them (sooner)

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Fell asleep? :smiley: what!?
As with Kerrigan and the 4 year pause between Brood War and StarCraft II.

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When Arthas merge with the lich king he fell asleep for 5 years (TFT-WoTLK). In this time he talk with Ner’zul and Mathias Lether (The part of Arthas that is still have some humanity). While he “talk” (he killed Mathias and then Ner’zul in his dream) he comand the scourge to build all the fortress in northrend.

Matthias Lehner. The spelling is very important because the name is an Anagram of Arthas Menethil and he is the remaining humanity of the fallen Prince.

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Not in TfT though.

We do not know. It just ended right after Arthas put on the helm of Dominance. After it there whas nothing if I remember correctly.

It didn’t look like Arthas was sleeping but watching from above sitting on the frozen throne like the king of the world.

If you look only in the lore of Warcraft 3 RoC and TFT you are right. We must see what patch reforged should follow.

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Thrall’s Wolf Snowsong is a Frostwolf. Frostwolves are always white so the Wolf he rides need to be white like those of the Farseers.

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