I fixed SIlvemoon a bit, little hope for official patch

Fixing Silvermoon was a bit harder. It took a few weekends.
But still it is better then on release.

v1.01 Changelog:

– Sylvanas death scene moved from gates to forest
– Ice bridge scene modified
– Ice bridge is longer now
– Captains swapped to bloodelf leutenants
– Elven Archmages have different skins
– Thalorien Dawnseeker and Anasterian got full pack of Abilities
– Added Siege Golems for the Final battle
– Add quotes to Anasterian and Thalorien
– Fix Copypasted Trees
– Rescue Trolls and Heretics
– Replaced Waygate
– Extended Final Cinematic
– Added cutscene with Anasterian
– Remapped Silvermoon City. It looks more like a city now.
– Added Doodads and props.
– Chanaged Sylvanas Banshee Scream Ability (icon, sound and art effect)
– Runners are a bit faster now

Known issues:
– Lipsync is Broken
– Sometimes Sylvanas doesnt perform first attack

Thanks to Malefor#0484 for help with initial city reterraining.


The done it for match the BFA cinematic


Very good

It was a thing during Warcraft 3 but in the lore of WoW they never had such a thing. At least arcane golem


It need to be the same of WoW

Very well


Awesome! Hmm… I will do my part in attempting to Reforge “The Flight From Lordaeron”


The current layout resembles WOW scheme: west part is more park-like, east part is filled with buildings and stone roads/statues/etc.
Middle part is the road with series of gates, barricades and towers.
North-west island was connected with bridge.
Force Wall blockers will push player to walk around the city and explore it.
Cityzens now are walking haphazardly in panic, not just standing and watching.

I don’t know what models would fit arcane golems. I felt like I need to enforce the final battle.

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awesome, cant wait to play these in a custom campaign.

if you need some texturing work, hit me up. i havent worked with wc3 assets, but if you can do the import/export we should be fine. alternatively i can get the tools and learn it myself if it turns out to be useful and worth it.

keep it up!

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great job dude


I think that we players will have to make the campaigns to look decent. The fact that some of the models are missing like the Kul tirans, Male Dk etc makes it a bit harder but hopefully if they dont release additional models they will give the players tools to make the models themselves that can be used.


Actually some things can be done now with Retera’s Model Studio (version for reforged). But there are limitations and lags.

Looking at this map, I am convinced that the community will fix most of the bugs and deficiencies in the game before Blizzard does.

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