I don’t believe that blizzard listened at all

Hey boyos. First time posting, but I felt like I had something to say.

First off, just so you know where I come from, I love Warcraft 3. I have played the campaign (Frozen Throne included) at least a dozen times, and the story never gets old. It was my gateway into fantasy when I was a wee lad, and it holds a special place in my heart alongside Tolkien, Star Wars, and other great stories.

I have tried getting into World of Warcraft a few times over the years, but it has never gripped me for more than a few days at a time. I like a few bits of WoW lore, but most is, in my opinion, very contrived.

When they announced Warcraft 3 Reforged, I was excited of course. I thought from the beginning that it was weird and standoff-ish for them to flat out say that if you wanted to play the old campaign, you could do so in the old game, and that this game would only have the new campaign.
That said, I have all the while been excited to see a new Warcraft story, or at least a new take on the old story. I don’t think it would ever have held a candle to the original story I know, but I have since announcement been completely open to playing it and seeing what they had to say.

I wanted to include this to tell you guys where I’m coming from with what I am here to say.
The fact that they have scrapped the new campaign is a little disappointing to me, but it’s not a deal-breaker.

Here comes the part you came here for:

They cancelled the new campaign with the excuse of wanting listening to the community who wanted to listen to the original voice work, but I don’t believe them.

They announced this game one year ago, held the hype for barely one month after the new year, with some exclusive interviews with I-don’t-remember-what-video-game-news-site, and we have had radio silence since.
I believe that they wanted to fracture peoples brains with the fact that they would finally remaster their old game, and when that didn’t happen, they sat down and said “what is the least amount of effort/money/time we can put into this?”

We have a video game industry today in which [for example] a game, unless it sells 8 million copies is considered a failure, and it does not matter if it sold 7.5 million, 5 million, 3 million, nor how many times over it earned what it cost to make, it’s still a failure. I believe the same thing happened with the hype for this game; blizzard expected more people to be all up into it, and now they’re just cutting their losses (if you can call it that while you’re still making a boatload).

I call into evidence this link, which states that “Most parts of the in-game cutscenes will stay the same”. The remaking of these have nothing to do with voice work, and I’m pretty damn sure that no one complained about them. But what is easier than Reforging them? Not doing it.
Furthermore, if they truly listened, they could have so easily catered to both groups by just including the original campaign in the new game, so people had a choice. But what would be easier than making a new campaign? Not doing that and claiming it’s what people wanted.

I say all this because all I see on these forums are W3-people calling WoW-people entitled for wanting an old gem to cater to them, while the WoW-people accuse the W3-crowd of ruining an experience they were looking forward to.
I would be interested to hear what you guys think of the possibility that Blizzard truly does not care about this game, and just wants it out and over with.

Again, I’m not as invested in the argument, or indeed whether or not the new campaign is there, as some people on this forum (although, as I have said, I do count it as a loss). I just wanted to share what I thought was an interesting point of view.

Also, let’s try to keep it civil, okay?

I call you a coward blizzard!
I call you a coward thrice over;
Once for scrapping the new campaign.
Twice for pretending it had anything to do with what people wanted, and not everything to do with the amount of work you were prepared to do.
And thrice for not giving us a release date for a game less than two months before supposed release, or just telling us if it’s delayed, because there is no way that you don’t know that at this point.

If you lock or delete this subject I will call you a coward a fourth time!


Agreed, there is no way to believe Blizzard cutted one of the most promising and big feature of its game just because a few players (which was clearly silent majority as we see now with the amount of complaint against these changes) didn’t like it.

It’s clearly just an excuse, they had to realize that they did not have the time.


grannies and fat demons is where it’s at!

It’s nice to see a person, who mind like me and I have the same story with WC3 and WoW. But only with this disagree:

And thrice for not giving us a release date for a game less than two months before supposed release, or just telling us if it’s delayed, because there is no way that you don’t know that at this point.

It is not so important. For quality we can wait some time. We need just hope that this moment will come at all. The moment in which they will bring to mind and fix the game, making it what it should be from the point of view of the fans who gathered here on the forum and are experiencing.


I agree.

The cut content was because the announcement and reception of Reforged was horrible.

Having Reforged be announced in literally the worst Blizzcon event ever didn’t help ether. “Do you guys not have phones?”


The damage control mode is real.

This was a game they wanted to make. Then it became a game they had to make.


I can call some of the BS on Blizzard, but I won’t just blame it on the team behind reforged. I suspect it could have more to do with higher ups in the company. One of the main issues I think the game has is the deadline, and they’re forced to cut content because they have to release the game by the end of the year.

Personally, I didn’t want the new campaign, I liked the idea of new maps but I never liked the prospect of WoW voice actors nor was I confident for the writer who they got to piece the campaign together. I wasn’t impressed with some of her books.

But I’m not going to act too excited because it was cut. As you said, it was the major selling point, but if that was cut, it begs the question of how much Blizzard actually cares for this game.

As I said, I suspect it has more to do with higher ups that don’t care and development issues, rather than the main team themselves.


Everyone was hyped. There were just critics against Wow retcons and graphics. But at least, they could have keep all W3 canons and recreate cutscenes with.
If they truly wanted to reforge cinematics, they wouldn’t have cutted it because of a few complaints.


imagine being this crazy

i guess they started the whole pre order thing this long ago just to get an idea of how many people would be interested in the game.

and i guess it was lower than they expected. seeing as they are basically just doing a texture update package at this point?

around a year ago, i kinda expected them to add new stuff like a new bonus campaign with some new heroes. something like rexxar’s campaign.

now i doubt that will even happen.


Extremely disappointed with blizzard … now I understand why they haven’t shown any content since the 2018 blizzcon… they just didn’t make it how they promissed. LIES


Disappointed with Blizzard once again

where I find the link


This is not looking good at all.


It’s pretty obvious that what the “”“community”""" wanted had nothing to do with it.

Blizzard’s complete lack of communication over the year is now explained: they severely underestimated the amount of work they’d have to do and put off telling the community until Blizzcon.


I bet you also believe in god.

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Without giving information for almost a year, I think it is logical that people do not mind a game.


Of course people mind… blizzard don’t. One year without a single new, the beta supposed to start “early 2019” and now we don’t get the reforged campaign. That seems a reforged scam humm


I say a lot of people. I’m sad for the result too :frowning:


This, they said early 2019 and we get the beta within 55-58 day of the release. They remained silent for a year, it’s not even them doing the model (not that it’s a bad thing, I like them) but we’d think that they could use this extra time to do the things they said but no, nothing. They come 1 year later and they “btw we scrapped all of those things”. Fail to communicate and said barely nothing on the campaign and doesn’t show an exemple of some change they made to maybe try to reassure us. And at the end they drop a teaser of the Arthas vs Illidan fight like they just annonced the game … They obviously don’t care and it’s a mess


totally agree friend :frowning: