How do you release a game like this in such a state?

Well Warcraft 3 was part of my childhood and is one of the games of my life. After 3 years of waiting to be able to buy this “reversion” of the game waiting for the patches to fix it, a few days ago I started to replay it with the new graphics. The first hours playing, I didn’t understand why there are people who today still criticize the game if it played and looks pretty good, but that mirage was broken when I got to HU09 when Arthas has to kill Malganis with the newly acquired Frostmure. He doesn’t show up, he doesn’t fing show up in the whole fing mission. But what the f*** is going on here I innocently ask myself, I go to the forums to see what is going on and my surprise was horror.
HOW THE DO YOU RELEASE A GAME LIKE THIS IN SUCH A SORRY STATE? Diablo 2 resurrected is a more than worthy reversion but this is a spit fest in the face of the fans of THE most important game in Blizzard’s history. It turns out that in patch 1.33 they fixed a lot of campaign bugs like enemy AI not using heroes, bugs, lore fixes throughout the maps. But all this was scrapped with another even more messy patch because they’re lazy AF? how the solution to a problem is a good idea in any case to restore to an even more broken version? What were they thinking? how can they mistreat a game like this? they make a change like this and don’t give any kind of explanation if in the near future they will restore all those improvements?
I am as confused as I am angry and devastated. What have they done to my boy
There is no God

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Hello, King Ymiron. I am Reforged1Gli, the forum troll. I named by accounts ReforgedXGli because I was using something called GLI to make an infinite number of email accounts, and with these accounts I preordered Reforged repeatedly “every day until there was a beta,” because I thought it was funny. So, maybe I am a financial whale of Reforged, if ever there was such a thing. About 4 to 6 of the fifty times that I preordered Warcraft Reforged, I opted to purchase the Spoils of War Edition.

Many people suffer from social media addictions in many ways, but I find that I turn to these forums as a way to pretend I have something interesting in the world to follow or be a part of. I have been doing so now since around the time of the 2020 release of Reforged.

You are not the first person to post on this forum that Reforged proves to you that there is no God, and you will likely not be the last.

But given that this is the case, I might ask you: “Why?”

Why when I followed Warcraft III Reforged Forums for all these years, and read and internalized the suffering of all the many people who came here to share the same sentiment that you describe, were you not willing to likewise inform yourself of this truth about Activision as a company? Why did you conceal from yourself the truth?

In Warcraft III, there is a function where an ability like Aerial Shackles on the Dragonhawk Rider is capable of requiring a techtree item, like the Aerial Shackles research that must be completed at the Gryphon Aviary. As it turns out, because of a programming mistake during the development of Warcraft III Reforged, since 2020 when the game patched itself over Frozen Throne and deleted the Frozen Throne from user computers it has been the case that any ability like Aerial Shackles that requires multiple upgrades or techtree items (instead of only one) using the World Editor system would aberrantly unlock when only some of the requirements were partially obtained.

This bug was only recently fixed in last week’s patch, after more than 3 years of Reforged being live, even though it claims to support custom games and claims to be a replacement for Frozen Throne. During those 3 years while this company was figuring out how to write the software to iterate a “loop” structure in programming and search for more than 1 requirement – to then restore a system that was already working in the 2002 game – during that interim time while they were figuring that out, I managed to create a near-working replica of almost the entire Frozen Throne game in a separate game engine, and publish what I was doing and the software that I was building for those small few who found it on the internet. Most recently, a GitHub contributor expanded on my work and made some epic new additions to the code, including several of the Night Elf abilities and the power for the Night Elf druids to shapeshift, that I had not made time in my own life to create:

Despite this kind of passion and my ability to show that Warcraft III is an idea – a common dream that exists within us, that we can express even without Activision’s permission just by using the old art files from 2002 and some programming subroutines in the LibGDX game engine – you chose not to look for that kind of information or passion, and to instead follow the corporate narrative and to care about the Reforged instead of caring about the community of people who enjoy Warcraft III.

There is an obvious society governance problem; the people who make World of Warcraft have more money, so they will always have the final say on what happens to Warcraft III patches and servers rather than people who are deeply passionate about Warcraft III. But you did not get on the forum of the passionate people capable of rewriting the Warcraft III game using their modding tools and open source game engines in the time that it takes Activision to figure out how to write a “for loop.” Do such people even have a forum? Do you even know?

And if you don’t know, and don’t care, then what right have you to pretend to care and to go and declare that “There is no God” simply because you didn’t care to find out for certain?

Don’t get me wrong. I am not a God. I might even be Satan masquerading in human form, or a misguided human, trying to advocate for software freedom in a space where it will never be achievable. But doesn’t the fact that I’m allowed to express myself, and say something so ridiculous, at least beg the question of whether there might possibly be a God and maybe you just didn’t know, because you didn’t care to seek it out for yourself and instead relied on some WoW players to do it for you – despite the fact that the WoW players were probably just playing WoW and don’t care about your concerns?

People who bought Reforged promotions unlocked a mount in WoW. Indeed, some of the other mounts in WoW that cost more than Reforged do not even have an associated video game. If some mount artists make a video game to go with the mount they are selling, and others do not, why would you hassle the mount artist who made a video game to bundle in with his mount — hassling him for trying!!! — instead of hassling the WoW mount artists who didn’t make a game or a remaster to go along with the mount they were selling?

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I had only one desire inside me, and that was my past self screaming and begging to return to simpler times. Away from the hectic, dizzying and vile world we live in. So I headed to the most obvious place to satisfy that little bastard’s voice, to the Blizzard store. On the scales I weighed more… not in my gut I knew I was heading into a possible death trap set by the bloody goblin from hell that is Bobby Kotik. But I needed that game in my library, I wanted to be Arthas destroying the ships and then blame it on that bunch of mercenary losers in HD graphics.

And in spite of everything I bought it, for an instant my inner child was happy and I could go back to those moments, until the disaster happened. I felt that part of me was dying at the same time that I was reading in the forum the order of the events. Once empty of all hope in humanity and with scars that will never heal. I asked the heavens why? and you know what I received as an answer? silence, a thunderous silence.

I don’t know if God exists but that day he died for me.

Now I don’t know if Uncle Phil is the answer, the light at the end of the tunnel. But I have hopes that once that damn leech is gone. The light will return to the cold Blizzard offices and the birds will resume their song, and the beers will be served cold. And we will all sing to the sound of hope that maybe, and just maybe there is someone in that company who will say: -guys now that Jastor Gallywix is gone, we can finally allocate some budget to fix the game that once upon a time when we were all young and happy we knew how to love.

PS: thanks for the reply, I’m glad in a way to be part of the amalgam of suffering and despair that you have collected in all these years on the forum. I wish this franchise and in particular this installment would be carried by people who love it as much as you do.

Not too sure what this is all about. Are you both alts? Anyway, if you just want to play the campaign, nobody has taken away patch 1.26a.

It’s about a journey into the very depths of hell.

All kidding aside I think we are all aware that the classic Warcraft 3 will always be there to play, but this post is about how a company can trash and desecrate a masterpiece without blinking or blushing, and that this is nothing more than the results of the entropic forces unleashed by the overlords in suits who would make the world burn so that their wallets would get fat.

I will always have my physical copy of Warcraft 3 from my childhood, but that “Reforged” is an official product launched with the aim of “updating and replacing” the previously existing version is objectively a catastrophe for any self-respecting fan, especially if it has been on the market for more than 3 years and is still a disaster.

Did you guys just realize this after like 3 years or something?

You’re really late to the party and accomplishing nothing

So are you some kind of gate-keeping on complaints about this game or what’s up?

I thought Bobby looked at this forum and immediately fixed the bugs himself. Now that you’re telling me that nothing is accomplished by complaining I’m going to swallow whatever crap they put out.

Guys, guys, stop complaining about the latest patch too because CaptainJack says it’s useless, please listen to him.

I mean, sure, complain if you want, but you’re basically just beating the dead horse. Everyone already knows they effed up the launch. What more is there to say on it? Is another thread on the pile of hundreds lamenting how Blizzard effed up the game going to make a miracle happen? No.

This time would be better spent either enjoying the game or patronizing another company. just a little advice. But by all means, if you want to create overly dramatic stories that serve no real purpose, don’t let met stop you.

We all already accomplished about the best thing that can be accomplished: Activision getting bought by Microsoft. While it probably doesn’t mean anything for Warcraft III, it does hopefully mean that internal Blizzard gets cleaned up and future games and projects turn out better with someone who knows what tehy’re doing at the helm.

Absolutely not.

Hmm. Your objective credentials might not be as objective as you think. According to leaks, Reforged met its financial targets. So, it’s a success. Like they say on Arclight Rumble forums, “Reforged already happened. If you’re still mad about that, that’s on you.”

Sometimes I wonder if it wasn’t even about the money. Reforged is so useful for them; niw that the game calls home, there is a record of every time a user launches it!

I was referring mainly to the consumer side, I guess in the short term Blizzard will have been very profitable especially in cost / benefit ratio but at the price of losing the credibility and trust of its most loyal audience.

It is clear that between the original and the reforged there was a 180 degree turn in the company’s philosophy, while before they prioritized quality over quantity, to the point that they discarded developments such as Stracraft Ghost or Titan because they did not reach the quality standard. Nowadays they release a product like this one that clearly lacks polish and development time or they release again the same game, Overwatch 2, but with a new hat.

If you have time and you are interested, I saw this video at the time and I think it gives a pretty accurate perspective on the subject: