How do I play WC3 if I pre-ordered Reforged?

So I gave in and pre-ordered WC3 Reforged after I saw the stupid skins that you get if you pre-order spoils of war (because I am stupid).

But I had understood that if you pre-order WC3 Reforged, you also get a copy of WC3 classic which you can play through the bnet app. Why can’t I just play regular WC3?

(Bear in mind, I already owned classic WC3 but it worked in the old way that was not linked to the modern battlenet app.)

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There will be a prompt that you either type in CD key code, or login to your battlenet that pre-ordered Reforged. Then you simply login and then you can play.

Do note however, that if you login on another PC, the previous one will log off and you will have to login to there again.

Hope this helps

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I don’t understand. What prompt? Where?


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So only classic wc3? No TFT?

They are both in the same client. TFT is there and you can switch between RoC and TFT inside the game.

Yeah found it out. But custom hotkeys doesnt seem to work. It’s been 5 years since i have played wc3, it seems so different now :smiley: Where i can find working hotkeys? x_ and Warkeys doesnt work.

Just played my first ladder game and barely won, lot of problems because no hotkeys. Was mega slow :smiley:

Have you ticked the option “Allow custom key bindings” (or whatever it says) in the game options?

Yes i did. Thats the first thing i have made. Also the chat font is weird, E looks like C. I have polish version, is that an issue?

Strange. And you did put the file to C:\Users\YourUser\Documents\Warcraft III\CustomKeyBindings and not the game install folder?

I didnt. I used to have customkeys.txt in game folder in older wc3 versions and it worked. Gonna try it now :smiley:

Thanks dude.

EDIT: Ok works now :smiley: Thx :smiley:

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Im playing wc3 classic rn with my old cd key and not using the blizz app. When i open the app it says buy reforged coming outa yadadada.

Im pretty sure wc3 doesnt hit the app until reforged is released and buying reforged is just a skin. You still need to have a copy or purchase a copy of the original game. Had the same thing with starcraft remastered, had bought remastered tried to play it and it kept prompting me to buy starcraft. Which was buy a copy of starcraft as well as the remastered skin.

This is incorrect. Once you’ve bought the Reforged with a Battle net account, you can play the classic one by logging in into the Classic version with that Battle net account. Sure, it is not in the Battle net Launcher yet, but the Classic is still playable when you download the client from the link Carnifex shared above:

Okay, I think that actually answered my question. I already owned WC3 and therefore there is no difference in the way it launches yet.

Okay. I wasnt necessarily sure about what buying reforged did to access to the classic. I do know with Starcraft I had to buy both.

Yeah I play classic having downloaded it from there.

Well as long as his question is answered lol.