How do I change and set key bindings?


Is there a way I can make Camara panning binded to WASD?

And Hero and Unit Abilites to say Q E R F?

Space for Attack?


Isnt it a god damn shame that NO you can NOT change your keybindings in this primitive damn game. There are 3rd party programs that do it for you but they are against TOS… but WORST of all, the 3rd party programs that I’ve found wont allow me to change the keybinding for an inventory slot!

I love this game. But sheit. The pressure of clicking staff of sanctuary when MK is getting focused down is too damn much.


Against TOS? It’s just a copy/paste into the right text file. You’re allowed to edit it. I don’t think changing key bindings is against TOS.


I hope they will allow that option to be there in the Remake.


No, you don’t need any programs. And no, it’s not gainst TOS. It’s Blizzard’s own system: just set the hotkeys you want and put the text file in to the right folder.